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Put aside fri­vol­ity for a day, Aries. This is an im­por­tant time to pre­pare for the fu­ture. Don't take an­other step be­fore you know you're on solid ground. This is an im­por­tant time to es­tab­lish your goals. Writ­ing them down will help you re­al­ize them in life.


Peo­ple may be a bit crit­i­cal of you to­day, Tau­rus. You would do well to lis­ten to what they say. Be re­cep­tive of feed­back so you can es­tab­lish a healthy ego. Keep your sense of hu­mil­ity.


Keep up your psy­chic shield, Gemini, be­cause you will need it. Peo­ple's com­ments may seem harsh even if they may mean well.


This isn't a day to fo­cus on fun and games, Can­cer. In fact, you may feel an an­noy­ing weight­i­ness about your emo­tions, mak­ing you feel less en­er­getic than usual. There's a sober tone ask­ing you to look at re­al­ity and make some se­ri­ous de­ci­sions about your fu­ture goals and plans.


There's lit­tle com­fort in your emo­tions to­day, Leo. You may want to stick to busi­ness. Con­cen­trate on get­ting things done in your reg­u­lar rou­tine. Cre­ate a plan and stick to it.


Try not to smother oth­ers, Virgo. You may want to seek com­fort in their com­pany, but this will only pro­duce grouch­i­ness in all par­ties in­volved. Curb your ten­dency to find fault with the ones you love. Your best bet is to fo­cus on tasks you have on the back burner.


There's a squeeze on your emo­tions to­day, Libra, which might leave you feel­ing like a pot of boil­ing wa­ter. Just by know­ing there's a lid on things, you're likely to heat up even faster than usual. Try to hold your tem­per. A rage will get you nowhere.


It may be hard for you to feel con­nected to any­one to­day, Scorpio. You're prob­a­bly bet­ter off keep­ing to your­self. If you're feel­ing sad or de­pressed, it's best to work through th­ese feel­ings on your own. Other peo­ple aren't apt to be too sym­pa­thetic to your sit­u­a­tion.


You may feel a re­stric­tion to the day, but in truth, this is for your own good, Sagittarius. Your sense of dis­ci­pline comes in handy as you tackle your work with in­cred­i­ble en­thu­si­asm. Your goals aren't far from your reach. Stay fo­cused and don't get pres­sured by the tick­ing clock.


Find com­fort in your work to­day, Capri­corn. Al­though it may sound ridicu­lous, check­ing things off your list is the most re­ward­ing ac­tiv­ity to­day. Try not to be too crit­i­cal of oth­ers. Fo­cus on your tasks.


Get your head out of the clouds, Aquarius. Nit­picky de­tails you failed to at­tend to ear­lier may now come back to haunt you. Don't post­pone your work any fur­ther. The time to take care of the job is now. Bal­ance your check­book and do your laun­dry.


What­ever you didn't get done yes­ter­day, Pisces, you need to fin­ish to­day. Dis­ci­pline and at­ten­tion to the sand slip­ping through the hour­glass are the jour­ney's themes. The more you're able to ac­com­plish, the bet­ter you'll feel.

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