Trans­form­ing lead­ers the san­dler way: 52 vis­ual lessons in per­sonal and or­ga­ni­za­tional ef­fec­tive­ness

By dave arch

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You can’t trans­form a team or an or­ga­ni­za­tion un­til you’ve trans­formed your­self. With that idea in mind, I de­cided to write about the crit­i­cal lead­er­ship prin­ci­ples that sup­port great lead­ers, great ca­reers and great teams. Trans­for­ma­tional Lead­er­ship is lead­er­ship that starts in your own life, then ra­di­ates out­ward as an ex­am­ple to oth­ers!

This book is di­vided into seven sec­tions. Each sec­tion re­flects a qual­ity I have seen ex­em­pli­fied in the char­ac­ter and work habits of the great lead­ers I’ve been priv­i­leged to work with over the years. Let’s look at each of those seven now.

A leader needs to be some­one who has a demon­strated record of Per­sonal Power. Now, how you de­fine suc­cess is, of course, an in­di­vid­ual mat­ter. But if you ex­pect to be fol­lowed, you must have achieved a mea­sure of suc­cess in some area in which oth­ers want to achieve suc­cess. Oth­ers must be will­ing to fol­low you in the hope that you can lead them to sim­i­lar suc­cess in their own world. So: What is your track record? What abil­i­ties and spe­cial skills made that track record pos­si­ble?

Con­vic­tion means your abil­ity to com­mu­ni­cate in a pos­i­tive way about what you think and strongly feel. Con­vic­tion lit­er­ally means “un­shake­able be­lief.” It’s what hap­pens when you be­lieve in some­thing so deeply that it ac­tu­ally be­comes a part of you. Are you will­ing to com­mu­ni­cate that which is the deep­est part of you? Are you ea­ger to do so be­fore any­one else com­mu­ni­cates how they feel about the topic un­der dis­cus­sion?

Charisma means how ef­fec­tively, quickly and deeply you con­nect with oth­ers. How easy is it for peo­ple to get to know you? Think about fig­ures like Kennedy, Eisen­hower and Reagan, whose abil­ity to bond with oth­ers quickly was usu­ally more rel­e­vant to prob­lem-solv­ing than their pol­i­tics. Are you, like them, easy to like? Or are you “a lot to get past”?

Peo­ple Skills means the abil­ity to “read” peo­ple and have in­flu­ence with them. It in­cludes the abil­ity to read sub­tleties in peo­ple’s body lan­guage. It also in­cludes the abil­ity to learn how to con­nect with some­body without over­look­ing the con­text in which you’re com­mu­ni­cat­ing. At the

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