Lib­er­als can­not win war against the Right with the help of ji­hadi ide­o­logues

This is the con­clud­ing part of a two-part ar­ti­cle on how ter­ror­ism is un­der­min­ing western so­ci­eties.

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Given the ap­par­ent fail­ure of the “multi-cul­tural” the­o­ries pro­moted by the left­ists, who want to see Mus­lim rad­i­cals as their com­radesin- arms against ram­pant cap­i­tal­ism, and also by lib­eral Chris­tians and Cen­trists who be­lieve that eco­nomic growth and sheer “tol­er­ance” solve all prob­lems by mak­ing ev­ery­one a happy camper, a re­ac­tion is now qui­etly tak­ing place among many Euro­peans as well as in North Amer­ica.

One of the most elo­quent and well versed ex­po­nents of this new think­ing is vet­eran French politi­cian and en­tre­pre­neur, Mem­ber of European Par­lia­ment and ex-Pres­i­den­tial can­di­date Philippe de Vil­liers, who has stud­ied the Is­lamic scrip­tures in depth. In his book and many speeches he looks at re­al­i­ties in­stead of re­peat­ing the re­as­sur­ing slo­gans and plat­i­tudes of those who want to be­lieve that “peace and love will win in the end” and that ter­ror­ism can­not pre­vail against democ­racy. Those who make that de­ter­mi­na­tion or rather ex­press that hope, he points out, don’t re­flect enough on what sort of ter­ror­ism and what type of democ­racy they re­fer to.

The com­bi­na­tion of vi­o­lent at­tacks in­still­ing chronic fear and in­sta­bil­ity in so­ci­ety with the rapid de­mo­graphic spread of a re­li­gious com­mu­nity which im­poses its ways and wishes in mat­ters of food, dress, cus­toms, gen­der re­la­tions and cel­e­bra­tions can dras­ti­cally trans­form an age­ing per­mis­sive, atom­istic na­tion in which peo­ple are not used to armed con­flict. This is the case for most pros­per­ous western coun­tries.

The threat is even big­ger in a con­text in which per­sonal tran­quil­lity and so­cial ben­e­fits are top pri­or­i­ties and in which much of the youth suf­fers from ma­jor iden­tity prob­lems, a lack of guid­ance, su­per­vi­sion, hopes, ideals and spir­i­tual con­vic­tions. Most mass me­dia and ad­ver­tis­ing mes­sages en­cour­age ev­ery­one and es­pe­cially vul­ner­a­ble teenagers to “ex­plore their sex­ual iden­tity”, “try every- thing” and not be­lieve in any­thing, es­pe­cially not in their own re­li­gions, na­tions and destiny, all no­tions that have been sys­tem­at­i­cally un­der­mined and dis­man­tled by the “de­con­struc­tion­ist” crit­i­cal the­ory con­ceived by the Frank­furt School.

French philoso­pher Paul Ri­coeur, re­flect­ing on the global spread of what he qual­i­fies as a “medi­ocre civil­i­sa­tion” notes “we are in a tun­nel, at the twi­light of dog­ma­tism and the dawn of real (in­ter-cul­tural) di­a­logue”.

As Philippe de Vil­liers put it, one can­not make peo­ple wish to in­te­grate into a for­eign com­mu­nity only based on ab­stract repub­li­can laws, which he com­pares to traf­fic rules and which are in­tended to serve ma­te­rial in­ter­ests or the con­ve­nience of the bu­reau­cracy. The mere pro­mo­tion of a spir­i­tu­ally ag­nos­tic and mis­lead­ing ideal of per­sonal free­dom through the pur­suit of fi­nan­cial com­fort is not an ad­e­quate re­sponse to the quest for mean­ing and tran­scen­dence, which im­pels hu­man be­ings and es­pe­cially the young, once their ba­sic phys­i­cal needs are sat­is­fied.

With­out be­ing in­stilled with pride in their coun­try’s leg­ends, up­lift­ing be­liefs and ideals, peo­ple, whether indige­nous or im­mi­grant can­not be ex­pected to have loy­alty to the larger so­ci­ety from their hearts. In­deed most of the Mus­lim im­mi­grants in Europe live in ghet­tos and know very lit­tle of French his­tory, cul­ture and ways of life which for them are mostly as­so­ci­ated with colo­nial wars and oc­cu­pa­tion of their lands of ori­gin. Their fam­ily en­vi­ron­ments and the news they watch on satel­lite TV turn them to­wards their eth­nic na­tions and of­ten present a vi­sion of the Is­lamic dis­pen­sa­tion as a panacea, in con­trast to the “in­fi­del’s” athe­is­tic sys­tem, which they tend to see as unjust and cor­rupt. That sit­u­a­tion must change and Vil­liers points out that France too, like other states in the same sit­u­a­tion, must re­form to re­spond to the threat. He con­curs with Ri­coeur’s di­ag­no­sis that the global con­sumer cul­ture re­sults in “a sub­tle de­struc­tion not only of tra­di­tional cul­tures […] but also of […] the cre­ative nu­cleus of great civ­i­liza­tions”.

Those res­i­dent and im­mi­grant Mus­lims who want to em­brace their land of adop­tion must be given bet­ter op­por­tu­ni­ties and guid­ance to ab­sorb that cul­tural hu­man­is­tic in­flu­ence, while those who re­ject it and de­sire to live in a Salafist men­tal and so­cial en­clave will have to leave. The cur­rent rul­ing ide­o­log­i­cal and po­lit­i­cal sys­tem does not al­low to im­ple­ment such a log­i­cal so­lu­tion, but there will be hell to pay if a re­form is not car­ried out in that spirit.

Vil­liers likes to quote the late King of Morocco Has­san II who once said to him: “You western­ers will never as­sim­i­late most Mus­lims be­cause the Ummah takes prece­dence over na­tion­al­ity.” In the view of those who ad­vo­cate this re­nais­sance of na­tional cul­tures in or­der to pro­tect them­selves from so­cial dis­in­te­gra­tion, a moral re­vival must be based on the pro­mo­tion of all that is no­ble, beau­ti­ful and ad­mirable in the tra­di­tion of a na­tion. Vil­liers has long prac­tised what he preaches at the vast his­tor­i­cal recre­ational park he has built with his fam­ily at the Puy du Fou, where a suc­ces­sion of mag­nif­i­cent theatri­cal en­act­ments, en­hanced by sound and light and state-of-the art spe­cial ef­fects evoke the leg­ends and the his­tory of France along 20 cen­turies of achieve­ments, strug­gle, tri­als and pageantry. Two mil­lion vis­i­tors come to bask in that mag­i­cal at­mo­sphere every year and the founder has made a par­tic­u­lar ef­fort to at­tract Mus­lim chil­dren so that they may get to know and like the ro­mance of France and her way of life as part of their ed­u­ca­tion. Their minds need to be opened and pro­vided with an al­ter­na­tive to the mor­bid de­sire for ter­ror­ist vi­o­lence and mar­tyr­dom, but not let loose in a bar­ren land­scape of ab­stract hu­man rights, wan­ton sex­ual choices, con­flict­ing claims of vic­tim­hood and in­jus­tice, which leave minds frus­trated and an­gry and make them lose re­spect for the so­ci­ety they live in.

It is no se­cret that a large pro­por­tion of the chil­dren of African and Arab ori­gin in Europe, and not just the eco­nom­i­cally dis­ad­van­taged ones, im­bibe very early the no­tion that European women and girls are pro­mis­cu­ous, im­mod­est and de­serve to be treated as sex­ual ob­jects. That is an ef­fect of the in­com­pat­i­bil­ity be­tween the pa­tri­ar­chal and pi­ous fam­ily en­vi­ron­ment they are raised in and the cyn­i­cal and sex­u­ally bla­tant and per­mis­sive ways of life that are con­stantly shown and pro­moted in the mass me­dia and even in the school and univer­sity sys­tem. Such a clash of val­ues can have ex­plo­sively de­struc­tive re­sults.

The con­ser­va­tive, re­li­giously ori­ented cul­tures that most of the mi­grants f rom t he “de­vel­op­ing world” be­long to, share cer­tain com­mon­al­i­ties with the tra­di­tional Judeo-Chris­tian moral­ity of Europe, so that the al­ter­na­tive ideal up­held by fun­da­men­tal­ist Is­lamists of­ten strikes a chord in the minds and souls of western­ers, who feel dis­ap­pointed and dis­ori­ented in the tur­bu­lent and con­fus­ing glob­alised mar­ket so­ci­ety.

To this psy­cho­log­i­cal wide­spread dis­ar­ray bankers, econ­o­mists, business man­agers and state bu­reau­crats can of­fer no real so­lu­tion and the field is thus left open for ex­trem­ists to reap bod­ies and souls and train them for the ex­e­cu­tion of their vi­o­lent de­signs, of­ten by us­ing the most so­phis­ti­cated brain-wash­ing tech­nolo­gies de­vel­oped in videogames and aided by the con­sump­tion of psy­chotropic drugs such as cap­tagon, re­garded as the min­dal­ter­ing pill which helps many ter­ror­ist as­sas­sins to go on mur­der­ous ram­page and com­mit sui­cide with­out qualms or in­hi­bi­tions.

The trans­for­ma­tion of modern so­ci­eties which would en­able them to van­quish the ter­ror­ist hy­dra will not come easy be­cause it re­quires a fun­da­men­tal change in their guid­ing prin­ci­ples. The lib­eral left­ists and the self styled an­tifas­cist shock troops must give up their dan­ger­ous delu­sions that the war against the Right or the rich can be won in an al­liance with the Tak­firis by throw­ing open the doors to all and any im­mi­grants, even if that en­tails na­tional im­pov­er­ish­ment, a break­down of eco­nomic and so­cial struc­tures and the reign of vi­o­lent an­ar­chy.

The drive to break all taboos (save the new “po­lit­i­cally cor­rect” ones) and de­stroy tra­di­tional cul­tures and hi­er­ar­chies can only lead to catas­tro­phe or bring about a re­asser­tion of the most au­thor­i­tar­ian and pu­ri­tan­i­cal forces. In a way, ISIS is an em­bod­i­ment of such a re­ac­tion to the cur­rent loss of moral and spir­i­tual com­pass. The Egyp­tian Spring, which be­gan on Tahrir Square in Cairo a few years ago, was ini­ti­ated by young mod­ernising lib­er­als, but ended with the elec­tion of the Mus­lim Broth­ers whose power grab in turn was stopped by a mil­i­tary coup. The so­cial­ists, an­ar­chists and lib­er­als who try to ac­com­mo­date ji­hadi ide­o­logues and their brigades in the name of multi- cul­tural tol­er­ance will prob­a­bly ex­pe­ri­ence the same kind of rude awak­en­ing, if they suc­ceed in their project to build a global sec­u­lar cos­mopo­lis on the ru­ins of an­cient re­gional and pa­tri­otic iden­ti­ties. It may soon be too late for Europe if the transna­tional elites con­tinue to en­force the Brus­sels hatched model of “Eu­ris­lam”.

Ira­nian philoso­pher Ramin Ja­han­be­gloo rightly points out that “civil­i­sa­tion is the space of in­ter-cul­tural com­mu­ni­ca­tion”, but it is will­ing ac­tors who cre­ate that space, not those who refuse di­a­logue ex­cept to im­pose their rule on oth­ers. Philoso­phers may con­tinue to ar­gue and even agree but they will not pre­vent oth­ers from killing and dy­ing. A new script must be writ­ten if the play is to end well.

The lib­eral left­ists and the self styled an­tifas­cist shock troops must give up their dan­ger­ous delu­sions that the war against the Right or the rich can be won in an AL­LIANCE wItH tHE TAK­firIs By tHrOw­ING OPEN the doors to all and any im­mi­grants, even if that en­tails na­tional im­pov­er­ish­ment, a break­down of eco­nomic, so­cial struc­tures and the reign of vi­o­lent an­ar­chy.

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