Love-snoop­ing on the rise as cou­ples take help from sleuths

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na­tional cap­i­tal. Peo­ple have easy ac­cess to medi­ums like What­sApp, Face­book, Tin­der, Happn, among many other such ap­pli­ca­tions, through which they can meet new peo­ple and in­dulge in in­fi­delity.

This has also given rise to a sig­nif­i­cant num­ber of cases of “love snoop­ing” where cou­ples are pay­ing hefty fees to hire pri­vate de­tec­tive agen­cies to spy on their part­ners to check whether they are loyal to them, ac­cord­ing to sev­eral pri­vate de­tec­tive agen­cies in­volved in such cases. Cou­ples here are shelling out as much as Rs 25,000 to Rs 30,000 for each case of snoop­ing, as this is the av­er­age fee charged by such pri­vate de­tec­tive agen­cies in the cap­i­tal.

Ravi Ku­mar, who has been a de­tec­tive him­self and presently is the direc­tor of Apex pri­vate de­tec­tive agency, said that the use of so­cial net­work­ing sites and What­sApp have led to a sense of dis­con­nect be­tween cou­ples, lead­ing to a rise in the num­ber of “loy­alty test cases”.

Ku­mar told The Sun­day Guardian, “These days, we get a lot of cases for loy­alty tests from both mar­ried and un­mar­ried cou­ples. There seems to be a sense of dis­con­nect be­tween cou­ples as most of them are busy with their phones us­ing so­cial net­work­ing sites. And in most of the cases, cou­ples fail the loy­alty test. We have also come to un­der­stand that such meet-ups and ex­tra-mar­i­tal re­la­tion­ships are hap­pen­ing be­cause of so­cial net­work­ing sites where both men and women are spend­ing most of their time these days.”

Not only such cases, even pre-mat­ri­mo­nial in­ves­ti­ga­tions are also on de­mand, as both cou­ples and par­ents are keen to know in de­tail the pri­vate lives of their part­ners before a mar­riage is fi­nalised. “There have been in­creas­ing in­stances of peo­ple com­ing to us for pre-mar­riage back­ground checks, as dis­trust among peo­ple has been growing when it comes to mar­riages. And we do find peo­ple ly­ing to their part­ners in many of our cases. In a pre-mar­riage back­ground test, we have sev­eral sets of check-lists that we run through for our clients,” Ravi said.

Akriti Kha­tri, a fe­male de­tec­tive who spe­cialises in per­sonal and in­di­vid­ual cases, said she had to face a lot of re­sis­tance in the field, which is pre­dom­i­nantly male-dom­i­nated. She her­self has been a field de­tec­tive for sev­eral years and has solved many im­por­tant cases, which she did not want to di­vulge for the sake of con­fi­den­tial­ity, which is very im­por­tant in her pro­fes­sion.

Ac­cord­ing to Kha­tri, her field in­volves a lot of chal­lenges which could at times also be life threat­en­ing. How­ever, ac­cord­ing to her, the advent of tech­nol­ogy has made the job eas­ier.

Kha­tri told this news­pa­per: “I had cho­sen this field as I was per­son­ally in­ter­ested in in­ves­ti­ga­tions. But it wasn’t easy. To­day, I have solved a lot of cases of im­por­tance. With time, we have also been see­ing a rise in the num­ber of cases that we have been re­ceiv­ing on a month-on-month ba­sis. It is more be­cause of aware­ness and a sense of sus­pi­cion among young cou­ples.”

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