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Heera, a five-year-10-months old Mur­rah bull, stands at 5.5 feet. Ev­ery farmer in Pun­jab, Haryana and west­ern Ut­tar Pradesh knows about this ro­bust an­i­mal. The an­nual sale of its se­men is worth about Rs. 1.5 crore. The Na­tional Dairy De­vel­op­ment Board, Gu­jarat, has adopted Haryana’s Heera to use its sperm to im­prove the qual­ity of Mur­rah buf­fa­los under a World-Bank-funded pro­ject. The bull gen­er­ates nearly 3,000 doses of se­men in a month. The NDDB gives 1,500 straws to its owner each month and the price is Rs 300 per dose. The Sun­day Guardian spoke to the owner of Heera—Kapoor Singh, of Singhwa Khas in Hisar dis­trict. He con­firmed earn­ing an­nu­ally over Rs 1 crore by sell­ing his bull’s se­men. “My Heera is al­ways a star at­trac­tion at the cat­tle fairs,” said Kapoor Singh. “We also sell prog­eny of qual­ity breed buf­faloes and bulls.” Heera daily eats 8 kg of cat­tle feed and drinks seven litres of milk and 250 gram of ghee. The bull is given a spe­cial mas­sage to keep it healthy. An­i­mal hus­bandry is turn­ing out a mon­eyspin­ner for many farm­ers, es­pe­cially those as­so­ci­ated with sell­ing live­stock of qual­ity breed and bulls’ se­men. They are get­ting good re­turns, from Rs 20 lakh to Rs 90 lakh per year.

Pawan from Kun­gru vil­lage (Bhi­wani) be­gan sell­ing the se­men of his na­tional prize win­ning Mur­rah bulls, Ar­jun and Bhim, in 2013 for im­prov­ing the cat­tle breed and now earns Rs 20 lakh per year. He gets the se­men of bulls pre­pared from a private agency in UP after con­duct­ing all re­quired med­i­cal tests on the bulls. Naren­dra Singh of Did­wadi vil­lage (Pa­ni­pat), says that he didn’t know about the se­men business be­fore buy­ing a Mur­rah bull for Rs 1.5 lakh in 2004. “When my bull won prizes at live­stock fairs, some ve­teri­nary doc­tors ad­vised me to get into the business of sell­ing bulls’ se­men.”

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