Con­founded by clouds, pi­lot re­turns to Iran

Re­fu­els Plane And Heads Back To City

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Mum­bai: Dense, dark, rain-bear­ing cu­mu­lonim­bus clouds bristling with thunderstorm ac­tiv­ity are a pi­lot’s night­mare and ev­ery com­man­der worth his stripes would keep the air­craft at a safe dis­tance from these trou­ble­mak­ers. On Fri­day, though a few of the no­to­ri­ous clouds hung along the ap­proach path of air­craft de­scend­ing on the city, most pi­lots man­aged to land their planes safely — ex­cept for one.

An Iran Air A306 air­craft that flew into In­dian airspace from Tehran around noon cir­cled along the east and west of the city for close to an hour as it tried in vain to cut through the bad trop­i­cal weather, only to fi­nally give up and fly back to land in Za­hedan, Iran.

Iran Air city air­port sta­tion man­ager Shah­baaz Bush­eri sa- re­turns to Iran.

Air­craft lands at 3 pm (IST) at Za­hedan air­port, from here it goes to Tehran to re­fuel and head back to city id that flight IR-810 flew from Za­hedan to Tehran, where it re­fu­elled and was ex­pected to land in the city around 2 am on Satur­day. “About 140 pas­sen­gers wait­ing to board the Mum­bai-Tehran flight have been taken care of,” he said.

An air traf­fic con­troller said he and his col­leagues found it strange that the air­craft should fly back.

“We don’t know what trans- pired on board flight IR-810. Af­ter an hour of hold­ing, the com­man­der ra­dioed and said: ‘Di­vert­ing due weather.’ We don’t ask for details,” said a se­nior air traf­fic con­troller. “There were some cu­mu­lonim­bus clouds along the ap­proach path. But other air­craft man­aged to avoid them and land,” he added.

Just be­fore the Iran Air A300 air­craft flew into the city airspace, a Bri­tish Air­ways Boe­ing 777 landed in the city from Lon­don, a Jet Air­ways Boe­ing 777 also landed, while a Sin­ga­pore Air­lines Boe­ing 777 that had landed hours ago de­parted, said the air traf­fic con­troller.

“The air­line pol­icy on bad weather land­ings might have forced them to di­vert. Or it could be some lim­i­ta­tion on that day with that par­tic­u­lar air­craft,” a se­nior com­man­der said.

Ac­cord­ing to fligh­tradar24 data, the A300B4-605R air­craft (EP-IBB) that op­er­ated the flight is 24 years old.

Sources said the flight had about 200 pas­sen­gers on board and an­other 150 pas­sen­gers were in the city wait­ing to board the Mum­bai-Tehran flight. Iran Air spokesper­son could not be con­tacted.

The series of events took off at 11.50 am, with the A306 air­craft hold­ing over the Ara­bian Sea, where it cir­cled twice be­fore head­ing for the city air­port, only to then fly over the south­ern tip of the is­land city and head east to­wards Lon­avala, where it cir­cled at 7,000 feet for over half an hour, be­fore climb­ing out and re­turn­ing to Iran.

The air­craft landed at 3 pm (IST) at Za­hedan air­port, the first air­port an air­craft fly­ing in from the east would en­counter on en­ter­ing Iran.

For­eign car­ri­ers fly­ing into the city gen­er­ally di­vert to Ahmed­abad or Hy­der­abad or Ben­galuru when they can­not land at their des­ti­na­tion, but the flight plan filed for IR-810 had Za­hedan listed as the al­ter­na­tive air­port, said the con­troller.

Amitabh Gupta, con­troller of le­gal metrol­ogy, has asked the gov­ern­ment to al­low con­sumers to carry food and drinks in­side as they are be­ing over­charged by sell­ing food and drinks in loose form with­out MRP. For in­stance, a cold drink is not sold in pack­aged bot­tles with MRP, they are sold through soda foun­tains. “We are try­ing to en­sure con­sumers’ rights are pro­tected,” said Gupta.

Cha­van said the cen­tral gov­ern­ment was pre­par­ing guide­lines to reg­u­late pric­ing of food­stuff that does not have MRP, osas.

“We have been tak­ing strict ac­tion against those over-charg­ing in malls, food courts or mul­ti­plexes. Af­ter the dual pric­ing law is im­ple­mented from Au­gust 1, we will start tak­ing ac­tion un­der that rule as well,” said Cha­van.

Con­gress leader Milind De­ora crit­i­cized the gov­ern­ment de­ci­sion in a tweet (see box), but some peo­ple TOIspoke to were happy. Harshita Devna, who is from Bhopal and is study­ing at a pre­mier col­lege here, watches four-five like pop­corn or sam- movies a month. “Movie out­ings are es­pe­cially ex­pen­sive, given that the tickets are costly and ba­sic things like water are also ex­pen­sive. I go to smaller theatres, and choose the costly mul­ti­plexes only for 3D shows,” she cribbed.

Juhi Var­tak owns a busi­ness and stays at Vile Parle. She said: “It is okay for mul­ti­plexes to charge a nom­i­nal amount ex­tra but not to the ex­tent that they are do­ing. It hurts my cinema ex­pe­ri­ence.” She feels es­pe­cially an­gry since she is not even al­lowed to carry water in­side.

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