Lu­nar eclipse on July 27-28 to be long­est of this cen­tury

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New Delhi: The min­istry of earth sci­ences on Fri­day said the lu­nar eclipse, oc­cur­ring on July 27-28 with a to­tal­ity du­ra­tion of 1 hour 43 min­utes, will be long­est to­tal lu­nar eclipse of this cen­tury (20012100) and it will be vis­i­ble from all parts of India.

Shar­ing details of the up­com­ing eclipse, the min­istry said, “The par­tial eclipse of the moon will be­gin at 11.54 PM (IST) on July 27. The Moon will be grad­u­ally cov­ered by the earth’s shadow and the to­tal­ity phase will be­gin at 1am (IST) on July 28. “The to­tal eclipse will last up to 2.43am (IST) on 28 July. Then the moon will start to grad­u­ally come out of Earth’s shadow and par­tial eclipse will end at 3.49am (IST) on July 28.”

Such long du­ra­tion of to­tal lu­nar eclipses had ear­lier oc­curred on July 16, 2000 for a to­tal du­ra­tion of 1 hour 46 min­utes and an­other one on June 15, 2011 for 1hour 40 min­utes.

The min­istry also shared details of other ce­les­tial phe­nom­ena where red planet Mars and sun will lie op­po­site each other on July 27, keep­ing the earth in the mid­dle. This will re­sult in Mars com­ing close to the earth, caus­ing it to ap­pear brighter than nor­mal and it will be seen from evening to dawn to­wards the end of July.

“The brighter Mars will re­main very close to the eclipsed Moon in the sky on July 27-28 and can be spot­ted very eas­ily with the naked eye,” said the min­istry in a state­ment.

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