GSLV MkIII launches GSAT-19

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The first de­vel­op­men­tal flight (GSLV MkIII- D1) of In­dia’s heavy lift launch ve­hi­cle GSLV Mk-III was suc­cess­fully con­ducted on 5 June from Satish Dhawan Space Cen­tre SHAR, Sri­harikota with the launch of GSAT-19 satel­lite. This first or­bital mis­sion of GSLV MkIII was mainly in­tended to eval­u­ate the ve­hi­cle per­for­mance in­clud­ing that of its fully in­dige­nous cryo­genic up­per stage dur­ing the flight. Weigh­ing 3136 kg at lift-off, GSAT-19 is the heav­i­est satel­lite launched from In­dia.

Af­ter a 25.5 hour smooth count­down, the mis­sion be­gan with launch of the 640 ton GSLV Mk-III at 5:28 pm IST from the Sec­ond Launch Pad as sched­uled with the ig­ni­tion of its two S200 solid strap-on boost­ers. Fol­low­ing this, the ma­jor phases of the flight oc­curred as sched­uled. The up­per stage of GSLV MkIII ve­hi­cle is a new cryo­genic stage (C25) in­dige­nously con­fig­ured, de­signed and re­alised by ISRO. The cryo­genic stage used liq­uid hy­dro­gen and liq­uid oxy­gen as pro­pel­lants with a to­tal load­ing of 28 tons, the stage pow­ered by a 20 ton thrust cryo­genic en­gine (CE20) op­er­at­ing on ‘ gas gen­er­a­tor cy­cle’. The per­for­mance of the en­gine and stage dur­ing the mis­sion was “as pre­dicted.” About six­teen min­utes af­ter lift- off, GSAT- 19 satel­lite was suc­cess­fully placed in or­bit.

Soon af­ter its sep­a­ra­tion from GSLV, the Master Con­trol Fa­cil­ity ( MCF) at Has­san in Kar­nataka as­sumed con­trol of the satel­lite. GSAT-19 is a high through­put com­mu­ni­ca­tion satel­lite.

Over the next few days, the GSAT-19 or­bit was raised from its Geosyn­chronous Trans­fer Or­bit (GTO) to the fi­nal cir­cu­lar Geo­sta­tion­ary Or­bit (GSO) by fir­ing the satel­lite’s Liq­uid Apogee Mo­tor (LAM) in stages. Dur­ing the fi­nal phase of this oper­a­tion, the so­lar pan­els and an­tenna re­flec­tors of the satel­lite were de­ployed.

Lift off !

GSLV-Mk III D1 on its way to Launch Pad

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