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The sole Indian rep­re­sen­ta­tion among the few for­eign par­tic­i­pants at IMDS and mod­els of Indian com­bat assets took cen­tre stage at the com­pany’s stand, but­tressed by the ever-en­er­getic pres­ence of Praveen Pathak, Gen­eral Man­ager (Mar­ket Pro­mo­tion and Ex­port).

He re­ported a great deal of in­ter­est from ex­port cus­tomers, and in­deed one stand over the course of the week, par­tic­u­larly awed by the ship-launched vari­ant of the mis­sile. Although BrahMos has been tested for un­der­wa­ter ver­ti­cal launch (from a sub­merged pontoon), the mis­sile is not ex­pected to be among the from 533mm tor­pedo tubes. Ru­bin’s An­drey Bara­nov ex­pressed his bu­reau’s keen on a VLS sys­tem aboard a con­ven­tional sub­ma­rine. In ad­di­tion to the di­am­e­ter be­ing too large for tor­pedo tubes, the nearly nine-me­tre length of the of which are usu­ally no taller than 7-8 me­tres. “We are ready to in­te­grate it,” said Bara­nov, “but if the re­quire­ments are frozen, it is use­less to offer some­thing

On the other hand, there was good news on the air-launched front, with six out of six air­borne sep­a­ra­tion tri­als now suc­cess­fully com­pleted, paving the way in the July-Au­gust time frame, and will in­volve a fully-guided live launch against a ship tar­get, as op­posed to the more com­mon prac­tice of con­ducted a num­ber of will be cued by GPS data, with the seeker tak­ing over in the ter­mi­nal phase.

BrahMos Aero­space is also sep­a­rately work­ing on two range ex­ten­sion and no ex­ter­nal di­men­sional changes, will in­crease the range of the base mis­sile to 450 km (up from the orig­i­nal MTCR-lim­ited 300-km range). The sec­ond is a pro­gramme to fur­ther de­velop the mis­sile to en­dow it with an 800-km range.

More dis­tant is a pro­posal to minia­turise the mis­sile, ex­pand­ing the num­ber of com­bat air­craft types that will be able to carry the weapon, and also en­abling tube-launch from sub­marines.

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