Cre­at­ing Some­thing New


Par­ented by DAI Foods Pvt. Ltd., Leb­mex opens doors to its stand­alone eatery at Lavelle Road, Ban­ga­lore. De­signed by ACME De­sign­ers, the out­let por­trays an en­vi­ron­ment that is in­spired by the cul­tures of Mex­ico and Le­banon.

Leb­mex was born out of a need to pro­vide in­ter­na­tional veg­e­tar­ian cui­sine with the motto "Create Some­thing New". It caters to In­dian con­sumers who want to get a taste of the bold, vi­brant and eclec­tic tastes of au­then­tic Le­banese and Mex­i­can Cuisines, and demon­strat­ing that food served fast doesn't have to be a "fast-food" ex­pe­ri­ence. At its new ex­clu­sive out­let on Lavelle road in Ban­ga­lore, the store de­sign con­cept brings to life this ser­vice ob­jec­tive with the use of forms, col­ors and graph­ics in­spired from the cul­tures the cui­sine comes from. The con­cept is spread across 1800sft, adapted in a chal­leng­ing nar­row three level build­ing. “The ground level houses the main cash counter and the kitchen, while the other two floors each rep­re­sent a dif­fer­ent theme: the first – Le­banese, and the top floor – Mex­i­can,” ex­plains Isaac Var­sulkar, Co-Direc­tor, Leb­mex. The build­ing fa­cia was used, without con­ven­tional build­ing ma­te­ri­als, to draw at­ten­tion to the dif­fer­en­ti­ated culi­nary des­ti­na­tion us­ing graph­ics and sub­tle ethnic ar­chi­tec­ture to com­mu­ni­cate in­ter­est­ingly what to ex­pect inside. “The fa­cade of the store is an in­ter­est­ing mu­ral de­pic­tion cul­tures and col­ors, and el­e­ments from both Mex­ico and Le­banon,” ex­plains Dhawal Udeshi, Co-Direc­tor, Leb­mex. “The ef­fect has been ac­quired without the us­age of ACP, bricks, cladding or any glass op­tions,” adds Su­nita. K, Chief Ar­chi­tect, ACME De­sign­ers. The com­pro­mised build­ing width which was squeezed be­tween ad­ja­cent build­ings was a chal­lenge for the in­te­rior de­sign to de­liver a good din­ing ex­pe­ri­ence in terms of ac­cess, cir­cu­la­tion and com­fort. Su­nita com­ments fur­ther on this: “The site be­ing a very old build­ing, ex­e­cu­tion was a big chal­lenge. Also, the nar­row­ness of the build­ing made it even tougher; none­the­less we over­came this by de­sign­ing the space, mak­ing it look wider and invit­ing. The space plan­ning with proper di­vi­sions and do­ing jus­tice to each area was en­ter­pris­ing. More­over, to make an old build­ing look at­trac­tive and invit­ing, mak­ing the façade look ex­tremely decorative was nec­es­sary, hence the huge mu­ral.” The de­sign con­cept of the restau­rant is drawn from quirky in­ter­pre­ta­tions of the cul­ture of Le­banon and Mex­ico. “The strat­egy was to

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