Us­ing their lat­est lin­ear lu­mi­naire sys­tems Float­line and Cord­line, An­sorg has im­ple­mented an in­no­va­tive lighting con­cept for the French su­per­mar­ket chain In­ter­ma­che, which ef­fec­tively sets the scene for the wide range of prod­ucts in these gro­cery su­per­mar­kets.

Float­line and Cord­line which are dis­tin­guished par­tic­u­larly by their eco­nomic ef­fi­ciency, are mostly suit­able for use in the food re­tail trade and in large-area sales rooms.


With Float­line, An­sorg pro­vides an eco­nom­i­cal, lin­ear sus­pended lu­mi­naire sys­tem that was de­vel­oped spe­cially for high-walled salesrooms cov­er­ing a large area. Float­line im­presses with its slim de­sign with a pro­file height of only 60 mm. Gim­bal-mounted pro­file spot­lights fit­ted with ef­fi­cient HIT lamps are in­te­grated with­out a frame into the closed sys­tem and en­sure flex­i­ble and bril­liant il­lu­mi­na­tion of the mer­chan­dise.

Due to mod­ern re­flec­tor tech­nol­ogy, Float­line can also be used with low wattages. Float­line is suit­able in par­tic­u­lar for use above coun­ters, pro­mo­tional ac­tiv­ity ar­eas and traf­fic zones. The sys­tem is pre­des­tined for large food retailing su­per­mar­kets, and also for other re­tail ar­eas such as car deal­ers or out­let stores.

Float­line is avail­able in the colours white, sil­ver and an­thracite.

Ap­pli­ca­tion ad­van­tages

Aes­thetic de­sign by means of plain, closed de­sign of all vis­i­ble faces with­out any profi ling at all

Frame­less lu­mi­naire ap­pear­ance sup­ports the re­duced use of shapes

Cre­ation of an op­ti­mum mount­ing height in large-area salesrooms with open ceil­ings

Closed, ceil­ing-form­ing pro­file sys­tem with suf­fi­cient space to house the nec­es­sary bal­last equip­ment

Tech­ni­cal data:

Lighting tech­nol­ogy: HIT G8.5 20/35/70W with elec­tronic bal­last for

220-240V, 50/60 Hz

Mount­ing: wire rope sus­pen­sion

Re­flec­tors: SP, MFL, FL

Ef­fi­ciency: up to 70%


The new lin­ear strip lighting sys­tem Cord­line from An­sorg has been re­launched in or­der to be able to pro­vide an op­ti­mal lighting so­lu­tion with new and ef­fi­cient fea­tures for su­per­mar­kets and large-area salesrooms.

Cord­line is im­pres­sive be­cause of its va­ri­ety of lighting ap­pear­ances and its time­less de­sign.

Tool­less and easy, fast mount­ing com­bined with qual­i­ta­tively high-qual­ity re­flec­tor equip­ment make Cord­line an ideal tool for com­plete lighting so­lu­tions. With its spe­cific re­flec­tors from wide-beam, asym­met­ri­cal to dou­ble asym­met­ri­cal, Cord­line is par­tic­u­larly suited to mer­chan­dise-re­lated lighting with eco­nom­i­cal T5 lamps

Ap­pli­ca­tion ad­van­tages

Sim­ple and fast con­fig­u­ra­tion of the sys­tem (con­tin­u­ous mount­ing)

Re­duc­tion of the in­stal­la­tion time

Flex­i­ble sys­tem - lighting mod­ules can be re­placed, as re­quired, with­out great ef­fort and ex­pen­di­ture

Mod­u­lar­ity per­mits im­ple­men­ta­tion of cus­tomised lighting needs

Eco­nom­i­cal lamp tech­nol­ogy

High-qual­ity re­flec­tor tech­nol­ogy (high oper­at­ing ef­fi­cien­cies)

High ver­ti­cal lu­mi­nous in­ten­si­ties on the mer­chan­dise

Mod­u­lar car­rier op­tion­ally with in­te­grated power track, emer­gency lighting func­tion or in a dimmable ver­sion

Sup­port­ing rails with in­te­grated cabling, 5-pole or 7-pole

Tech­ni­cal facts:

Lighting tech­nol­ogy: T5/G5 35/49/80W incl. elec­tronic bal­last

230-240V, 50/60 Hz

Moount­ing: For ceil­ing mount­ing and sus­pended mount­ing

Re­flec­tors: asym­met­ri­cal, dou­bleasym­met­ri­cal, down­light, wide an­gle

Lu­mi­nous ef­fi­ciency:: > 95%

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