Clas­sic Mar­ble’s New Col­lec­tion


Clas­sic Mar­ble Com­pany is a pi­o­neer in the field of im­ported mar­ble since its in­cep­tion in 1994. Re­cently the com­pany has launched new prod­ucts un­der their Marmo, Clas­sica, Veneta and Re­galia mar­ble and quartz col­lec­tion and un­der their en­gi­neered brand Kalin­ga­s­tone.

Bot­ticinno, one of the ex­clu­sive va­ri­eties, be­long to the Marmo se­ries of Kalin­ga­s­tone Mar­ble Col­lec­tion. All prod­ucts in this se­ries de­rive their name from rare nat­u­ral stones. Bot­ti­cino is a beige coloured mar­ble with a com­bi­na­tion of chip sizes and goes very well with its darker coun­ter­parts of the same fam­ily. It is be­ing widely used in mall floor­ing, re­tail show­rooms, restau­rants, mul­ti­plexes, ed­u­ca­tional i nsti­tu­tions & so on.

Althea be­longs to the Clas­sica fam­ily of Kalin­ga­s­tone mar­ble col­lec­tion. 17 prod­ucts in this fam­ily have been named af­ter beau­ti­ful flow­ers and hence pos­sess a charm to lure you in­stantly. Althea is a pure white prod­uct and like­wise all prod­ucts of the Clas­sica fam­ily have sub­tle light colours with tiny dot­ted pat­terns on se­lect few.

Au­gusto be­longs to the Ve­nata fam­ily of Kalin­ga­s­tone mar­ble col­lec­tion. As the name sug­gests all prod­ucts in this fam­ily have a vein pat­tern throughout with prom­i­nent veins in some and sub­tle in oth­ers. Au­gusto is a light grey colour prod­uct which has white sub­tle veins throughout and all prod­ucts in this fam­ily de­rive their name from Ro­man Em­per­ors and hence com­mand style and gran­deur.

African Brown, be­longs to the Re­galia fam­ily of Kalin­ga­s­tone Quartz Col­lec­tion. All prod­ucts in this se­ries de­rive their names from var­i­ous places and veg­e­ta­tions around the globe. Due to its pe­cu­liar fea­tures, this prod­uct can be used for ta­ble tops in restau­rants, floor­ing and wall cladding around swim­ming pools and also for kitchen plat­forms etc.

The brand boasts one of the largest of­fer­ings of ex­quis­ite eco-friendly mar­ble and quartz for clients to choose from. They are highly durable in strength and ap­pear­ance. These are also cost-ef­fec­tive, crack-free, stain re­sis­tant, wa­ter­proof and con­sis­tent in de­sign. Es­pe­cially de­signed for in­fras­truc­tural projects such as com­mer­cial build­ings these can be eas­ily in­stalled and main­tained.

Clas­sic mar­ble Com­pany has 7 show­rooms in In­dia with sev­eral deal­ers and dis­trib­u­tors present in each city of the coun­try. They have sales agents in Europe, USA, Aus­tralia, Mid­dle East & coun­tries of South East Asia. The com­pany-owned show­rooms in In­dia in­clude Worli and Bhandup in Mum­bai; Sil­vassa in Gu­jarat and Chandi­garh and they house the en­tire en­gi­neered mar­ble and quartz col­lec­tion of Kalin­ga­s­tone

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