Arena prin­ci­ple


This dis­play tech­nique en­sures that the en­tire prod­uct range is vis­i­ble from the front mid-floor area close to the en­trance, right through to the back wall. The cus­tomer’s field of vi­sion is struc­tured into dif­fer­ent lay­ers within the store in­te­rior – from the front/low area (mid-floor) to the back/ceil­ing height area (back wall). Dis­plays ac­cord­ing to the arena prin­ci­ple can be used in shop-in-shops, large stores and in de­part­ment stores. If the arena prin­ci­ple is re­spected, the cus­tomer can spot the prod­uct ranges dis­played on the each of the mer­chan­dise sup­ports right through to those on the back walls, from the main path­way. It gives the cus­tomer a good over­view and draws him into the store.

Lay­ers within the store in­te­rior: Height of fur­ni­ture di­rectly next to the main path­way: 1.00 to 1.20 me­tres Height of fur­ni­ture in the cen­tre: 1.40 to 1.60 me­tres Back wall el­e­ments: up to 2.60 me­tres in height Ta­ble dis­plays and tiered ta­bles are ideal for dis­play­ing folded and stand­ing items at the front of the store. Peo­ple gen­er­ally find ta­bles very invit­ing and they serve as a fo­cal at­trac­tion for as­sorted prod­uct dis­plays and dec­o­ra­tive el­e­ments. Stands and gon­do­las for hang­ing and, in some cases, folded mer­chan­dise are used in the cen­tre of the store. In ad­di­tion to ta­bles, stands and gon­do­las can also be se­lec­tively used for pro­mo­tional dis­plays. (-> mid-floor) The back wall dis­play is also vis­i­ble above the medium height stands and gon­do­las. The top zone is ideal for in­for­ma­tive and dec­o­ra­tive el­e­ments with a long range ef­fect, with in­for­ma­tion on the mer­chan­dise on dis­play there and en­tices cus­tomers to the rear of the store. (-> wall dis­play struc­ture) De­part­ment lay­out us­ing the arena prin­ci­ple – from front/low area to medium height el­e­ments through to the back/high area on the back walls

Also for ac­ces­sories: in­di­vid­ual ta­ble el­e­ments in mid-floor and Icons flat cross stands in­front of In­vis­i­ble 6 wall pan­els (both from Vis­play)

The mod­u­lar Vis­play sys­tem Kado is ideal for each of the lay­ers – for mid-floor vari­a­tions and wall el­e­ments

Use of dif­fer­ent Vis­play sys­tems: Kado tiered ta­bles, Icons flat dis­play stands and Xero Struc 8 for the back wall

Lay­ers of the arena prin­ci­ple

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