Dhiren Ch­heda

Founder, Dhiren Ch­heda As­so­ci­ates


In Ret­ro­spect: 2012

The mar­ket has been chang­ing dur­ing the last few years; it has opened up, broad­ened its hori­zons and has be­come quite adapt­able. As a re­sult, our com­pany has been grow­ing with­out bound­aries. We had a na­tion-wide pres­ence and we have now en­sured that our team gets stronger and have es­tab­lished sup­port sys­tems across the coun­try.

Ar­rival of FDI

It’s an era of glob­al­iza­tion. We saw McDon­ald’s who had to mod­ify its menu to suit In­dian taste buds. It’s the same way with any in­ter­na­tional brand coming to In­dia. They would re­quire an In­dian de­signer to un­der­stand the In­dian con­sumer bet­ter. So it will usher in greater busi­ness and the only alternative left is to grow fur­ther. Be­sides, any strat­egy should be self­fo­cused. We should not try to fol­low but to lead. If you look at suc­cess­ful com­pa­nies, you will see that they are ac­tu­ally us­ing very lo­cal de­signs and adapt­ing them glob­ally. It’s in­deed time to be proud of our her­itage and flaunt it.

Look­ing Ahead: 2013

With time, more and more peo­ple are get­ting ex­posed to new de­signs and new tra­di­tions. Hence, the taste is get­ting more di­verse, mov­ing away from what they have seen through the years. An In­dian de­signer thus needs to tap into this pulse. Brands are also get­ting more aware about their own per­son­al­ity and hence the de­sign now needs to strike a bal­ance be­tween In­dian aes­thet­ics and the brand per­son­al­ity.

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