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VM&RD - - BEHIND THE SCENE-DESIGNER - Bipratip Dhar Prin­ci­pal Ar­chi­tect

He loves de­sign­ing and his pas­sion finds its res­o­nance in ver­sa­tile strength and di­verse dex­ter­ity. Meet Bipratip Dhar, founder of Ep­silon, the ar­chi­tec­tural-de­sign firm founded in the year 2000 at Kolkata which is to­day a name pro­vid­ing high qual­ity so­lu­tions across the Eastern re­gion. We chat up with Bipratip, a grad­u­ate from Sir J.J. Col­lege of Ar­chi­tec­ture, to know more about his in­no­va­tive projects in which he is in­volved as as ar­chi­tect and as a vis­ual mer­chan­diser. Bipratip’s vi­sion be­hind the magic which he cre­ates with his de­signs has helped him and the agency to ex­plore their ex­per­tise in a range of seg­ments – from ar­chi­tec­tural& in­te­rior de­sign so­lu­tions to re­tail out­lets, hos­pi­tal­ity, health­care, au­di­to­ri­ums, res­i­den­tial and com­mer­cial spa­ces . Pre­sented be­low in­ter­view.


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As an Ar­chi­tect and In­te­rior De­signer what is your take on Vis­ual Mer­chan­dis­ing?

Vis­ual Mer­chan­dis­ing in­deed is an in­te­gral part of any re­tail en­tity. The vis­ual mer­chan­dise should be aptly planned for any ven­ture keep­ing in mind the aes­thet­ics of the par­tic­u­lar pro­ject. The VM part comes in from the very be­gin­ning as it in­vites the cus­tomer to­wards the prod­ucts dis­played, thus the beauty of the fa­cade or the atrium plays the first role of con­nect­ing the peo­ple with the mer­chan­dise. As it aug­ments the con­sumer to visit the store or restau­rant one should re­late the place with the sur­round­ings and we fol­low this thumb rule for any of our as­sign­ment and deal VM in a very sub­tle man­ner with­out overdoing.

Do you have any role mod­els in your de­sign and creative philoso­phies? If so, who or what are they?

Ar­chi­tec­turally I am in­flu­enced by the works of many great men of this field like Buskmin­ster Fuller, Paul Ru­dolph and Frank Llyod the ex­po­nent of or­ganic ar­chi­tec­ture. The creative thoughts of th­ese peo­ple have surely helped me en­rich­ing my de­sign phi­los­o­phy. Hav­ing on­site ex­po­sure to han­dling var­i­ous kind of de­sign­ing projects at an early stage of my ca­reer has also helped in shap­ing my aes­thetic fun­da­men­tals. Thus it has been a great learn­ing path for me.

What is the unique skill or com­pe­tence that you would at­tribute your suc­cess to?

In our agency we do not adopt any par­tic­u­lar school of thought; the de­signs that we do are re­spon­sive to­wards the en­vi­ron­ment hav­ing a touch of ex­clu­siv­ity which is in­spired from var­i­ous forms of art. To com­ple­ment that, we do ex­ten­sive re­search work which ful­fils

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