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Très­mode, the shoe brand known for its chic and lux­ury range, aimed for a store with an in­ter­na­tional and pre­mium feel to match the prod­uct line and this is ex­actly what it achieved with its new store lo­cated in one of the best known high streets in the c

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De­cod­ing global lux­ury re­tail de­sign trends, the Très­mode store was de­signed by cre­at­ing a fluid and dy­namic space us­ing state of art ma­te­ri­als to pro­ject the shoe (the mer­chan­dise) as the hero. In­no­va­tive yet durable and vis­ually ap­peal­ing ma­te­ri­als were used to give a chic look. Pow­der coated Alu­minum sheets were used for dis­play shelves, while Euro­ceil stretch ceil­ing ma­te­ri­als were used for back­lit dis­play and duco painted ply­wood for un­du­lat­ing wave tex­ture above the back­lit si­nu­soidal dis­play. The graph­ics and the pur­ple Très­mode brand color en­hance the vis­ual ap­peal with­out mak­ing it look clut­tered. The ceil­ing and the floor were given a grey rugged tex­ture to con­trast with the white sleek wall dis­plays. The store has four huge col­umns in the cen­tre of the square space. Shivangi Narke Gorti – Prin­ci­pal Ar­chi­tect, Kaleido Ar­chi­tec­ture, says, “We had to de­sign the lay­out so that the col­umns are ei­ther smartly hid­den or vis­ually en­hanced so that they cause min­i­mum hin­drance in the sales floor area. So we planned the store room to ac­com­mo­date two of the col­umns. One of the col­umns be­came the start­ing point for the win­dow dis­play and the one left in the mid­dle of the sales floor area was con­verted into a con­i­cal re­flec­tive fea­ture which also is a seat­ing for tri­als. An­other chal­lenge was how to make a store front de­sign that stands out on a crowded high street lo­ca­tion like Link­ing Road, Ban­dra. So we de­signed the fa­cade to be min­i­mally stark with just a logo placed on a can­tilever ledge. We have used dull gold Al­to­bond cladding and a Tres­mode Brand color ledge.” The key el­e­ment is the si­nu­soidal curved dis­play that starts from the en­trance of the store and takes the vis­i­tor on a jour­ney along it. This stark white light wall pro­vides a per­fect back­drop to dis­play the vi­brant color and beau­ti­ful form of the shoes. It is a dis­play sys­tem made of Euro­ceil stretch ceil­ing translu­cent ma­te­rial and 4mm pow­der coated alu­minum shelves. The shelves are de­signed to be min­i­mal in thick­ness and painted white to give the shoes a float­ing ef­fect. The floor in con­trast was given a rugged fin­ish. The curvi­lin­ear wall takes you to the cen­tre of the store which has a pur­ple (Très­mode brand color) free-form seat­ing for shoe tri­als.

Adds Shivangi, “We re­searched on the typ­i­cal dis­play sys­tem in shoe stores and what they lack vis­ually as well as ma­te­rial wise. The dis­play shelves are usu­ally not well lit or they are too thick and bold which over­pow­ers the shoes. The ma­te­ri­als used have to be ef­fi­cient in main­te­nance as shoe marks tend to be seen all across the dis­play shelves. The graph­ics are also typ­i­cally too over­pow­er­ing. We wanted a dis­play that al­most dis­ap­pears yet high­lights the shoes and are easy to main­tain. We stud­ied what kind of mer­chan­dise could be dis­played and in which best way to con­nect with the cus­tomers. We also looked at what should be the dis­tance be­tween each shoe so that it gets jus­ti­fied at­ten­tion. The vi­su­als in the store also have to com­ple­ment the de­sign as well as the mer­chan­dise but not over­power or make the store look clut­tered. We used th­ese guide­lines to come up with a de­sign strat­egy that is bold and unique yet high­lights the brand and mer­chan­dise with­out adding any clut­ter.” Shoe tri­als which are an im­por­tant part of the sell­ing process too had to be con­sid­ered while de­sign­ing the seat­ing ele­ments. As the lo­ca­tion of the store is on crowded high street, a pro­vi­sion for at least 16-18 cus­tomers seat­ing was re­quired. Thus there is am­ple seat­ing pro­vided in the form of free­stand­ing mov­able poufs. Am­ple mir­rors too had to be placed around strate­gi­cally in the store around the trial area. Am­bi­ent light was achieved through the back­lit dis­play el­e­ment and gallery style track lights are used as ac­cent light­ing while a chan­de­lier is used as dec­o­ra­tive light­ing which paired with the pur­ple sofa forms the fo­cal point in the trial area. Ac­cord­ing to Kapil Mah­tani, CEO, Très­mode, the store helped re­in­force the brand po­si­tion­ing and helped the brand get the prod­ucts more vis­i­ble. He fur­ther added that they plan to ex­pand this con­cept to all their stores grad­u­ally

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