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How many times have you stepped into a space and felt right, as if the en­er­gies were all in the right sym­me­try and there­fore in tune with your bod­ily well be­ing? The op­po­site may also have hap­pened a num­ber of times—you step into a place and im­me­di­ately feel a dis­so­nance. Of­ten it is dif­fi­cult to ex­plain what causes th­ese feel­ings and very of­ten you are not even con­sciously aware of them and yet there are fac­tors that are at play, qui­etly do­ing their job and mak­ing the ef­fect felt in the fringes or your con­scious­ness. In to­day’s age of quick-fix­ers and self ap­pointed gu­rus of well be­ing, there are im­me­di­ate ex­pla­na­tions, re pack­aged wis­dom doled out to a ready mar­ket wait­ing to lap up fancy pack­ages ex­ud­ing an aura of the ex­otic, like Vaastu, for ex­am­ple. An an­cient science that deals with space align­ment and vi­bra­tions, to­day it is part of the grow­ing fancy for the an­cient wrapped up in the jar­gons of con­tem­po­rary self im­prove­ment and health phi­los­o­phy. Any­one even re­motely fa­mil­iar with Vaastu can tell you that light is con­sid­ered an im­por­tant fac­tor in the over­all feel­ing of well be­ing that a space gen­er­ates. And while the flow of nat­u­ral light was al­ways con­sid­ered a manda­tory el­e­ment while build­ing any struc­ture, the right man­age­ment of ar­ti­fi­cial lights too is an im­por­tant cri­te­rion in de­cid­ing the ef­fect of a space on peo­ple. A re­tail space, even if it’s not a liv­ing space, is a space where as­pi­ra­tions and sell­ing ef­forts con­verge to cre­ate a busi­ness plat­form . The right feel that meets the as­pi­ra­tional needs and con­trib­utes to busi­ness suc­cess is thus crit­i­cal. The L fac­tor or light plays an im­por­tant role there. Apart from the ob­vi­ous func­tion­al­ity pur­pose and their role in pre­sent­ing the mer­chan­dis­ing in the er... right ligt (pun in­tended) , the right lights ob­vi­ously also en­hance the aes­thetic ap­peal of a re­tail space and there­fore the shop­per ex­pe­ri­ence at the store. This is the rea­son why we chose to fo­cus on re­tail light­ing as a theme for our spe­cial fea­ture in this is­sue. We spoke to re­tail brands, re­tail de­sign­ers/ar­chi­tects and the sup­pli­ers of lights to get an un­der­stand­ing of what works and what doesn’t and are the fu­ture trends.. read on...

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