Tyco: Se­cu­rity at Re­tail

A lead­ing global player in the fire and se­cu­rity sys­tems busi­ness, Tyco is now look­ing at strength­en­ing its re­tail ver­ti­cal in In­dia. G Amar Subash, Gen­eral Man­ager- Com­mer­cial and Re­tail, Tyco gives us a deeper in­sight re­gard­ing Tyco’s role in the re­tail


Tyco, one of the world’s largest pure-play fire and se­cu­rity com­pany, ex­panded its reach in In­dia within a span of one and a half year by tot­ting up 25 lo­ca­tions from a count of seven pre­vi­ously. Apart from pro­vid­ing fire and se­cu­rity aid to the com­mer­cial and the in­dus­trial in­fra­struc­ture, the or­gan­i­sa­tion has also com­pletely got into the retailers eco-sys­tem. On this note, G Amar Subash, Gen­eral Man­ager- Com­mer­cial and Re­tail at Tyco, gives us much deeper de­pic­tion re­gard­ing the brand's role in the re­tail in­dus­try.

What are the new tech­niques and in­no­va­tions Tyco has re­cently come up with for the re­tail in­dus­try?

We feel traf­fic in­tel­li­gence is the big­gest trend at this in­stant. We have a very strong port­fo­lio in traf­fic in­tel­li­gence, which al­lows us to op­er­ate in a cen­tral­ized en­vi­ron­ment wherein one can be seated at the head­quar­ters and mon­i­tor the traf­fic of all 100 to 200 stores. They can re­ceive hour to hour up­dates on the pre­vail­ing traf­fic trends and traf­fic pat­terns.

Can you tell us a lit­tle on how retailers can keep a track on Store Per­for­mance through your so­lu­tions?

Traf­fic in­tel­li­gence al­lows us to pull out the cur­rent trend and traf­fic, while in­ven­tory vis­i­bil­ity and an­a­lyt­ics helps to in­te­grate our se­cu­rity with the point of sales sys­tem. Our so­lu­tions can even track if any un­usual be­hav­iour could be traced in the stores.

What are the mea­sures you take for R&D to gel with the de­sign con­cept?

In the In­dian con­text, the retailers look for aes­thet­ics at the store front & this presents a chal­lenge on the type of fas­cia, build­ing, VM re­quire­ments etc. We pro­vide var­i­ous op­tions for the retailers with our anti theft sys­tems apart from our reg­u­lar prod­uct range of pedestals like Acrylic sys­tems, door loop sys­tems, floor loop sys­tems etc. For eg. We have close to 18+ floor loop in­stal­la­tions across In­dia but the kind of floor­ing we use and the type of alu­minum grat­ing be­tween the tiles and the floor ends up af­fect­ing the per­for­mance. The floor loops ac­tu­ally pro­vide 4 to 4.5 feet height de­tec­tion from the floor and to achieve this we need to work with the civil con­trac­tors and ar­chi­tects from the very first day. So, in the re­cent sce­nario we have worked on mi­grat­ing th­ese kinds of global retailers who are look­ing at the aes­thet­ics of floor loop sys­tem to door loop sys­tem. We have a sys­tem that fits the door. Th­ese are all door frame based so­lu­tion wherein the sys­tem is con­cealed be­tween the door frame and the door with in­tent to give them a com­plete pro­tec­tion sys­tem. It re­quires height of de­tec­tion also, as the in­ter­fer­ence of the floor is much higher than what is per­ceived from the door. In the past two years we have shifted to this door frame where we can pro­vide de­tec­tion on both sides of the door. Apart from this, for the Sen­sor­matic prod­uct range of the an­ten­nas, we al­ways try to main­tain the aes­thetic & de­sign in mind for eg. our acrylic sys­tems, when­ever there is an alarm, mul­ti­coloured re­sponses can be no­ticed from those an­ten­nas.

What is your im­me­di­ate agenda as far as the In­dian mar­ket is con­cerned?

As far as the In­dian mar­ket is con­cerned, we are very clear with our agenda and plans to for­tify the re­tail ver­ti­cal along with com­mer­cial and in­dus­trial in­fra­struc­ture ver­ti­cal. Within a span of one and a half years, we have in­creased our pres­ence from seven cities to 25 cities across the coun­try.

What kind of op­por­tu­ni­ties do you see com­ing from tier II cities?

We can presently per­ceive enor­mous op­por­tu­nity in Tier II cities, as a lot of aware­ness and re­quire­ments are build­ing up. Also, we were pleas­antly sur­prised to sell some of the sys­tems like acrylic sys­tems along with con­cealed loop sys­tem in the tier II sec­tors of the coun­try. Some of the home grown ru­ral stores are also in­stalling an­titheft prod­ucts. Ac­tu­ally a great shift has been no­ticed in the past two years, and Tyco has been a great suc­cess story in In­dia which is ev­i­dent from our pres­ence in the tier II re­tail mar­ket. Be­sides this, we have no­ticed the am­pli­fi­ca­tion of un­der­stand­ing and knowl­edge among the cus­tomers.

What is your take on the fire and se­cu­rity in­dus­try in In­dia? How would you com­pare it with the scene in­ter­na­tion­ally?

There are many stum­bling blocks as the In­dian en­vi­ron­ment is very dy­namic and chal­leng­ing. Mainly one needs to iden­tify the mar­ket, its op­por­tu­ni­ties and make sure to in­vest right amount of re­sources. But in­ter­na­tion­ally, the mar­ket is very ma­ture. So in terms of growth rate, changes are ex­tremely pre­dictable.

How would you lever­age your ex­pe­ri­ence as CFO to drive the whole fire and se­cu­rity busi­ness?

Though be­ing one of the most po­ten­tial mar­kets, the In­dian souk is all de­lim­ited with great risks; you need to know where ex­actly to play and in which seg­ment. So, I think my fi­nance train­ing and back­ground has as­sisted me to a great ex­tent.

Please share your ex­pe­ri­ence in terms of the shift from CFO to GM In­dia at Tyco.

Big­gest change, I feel is that be­ing a CFO was very much in­ter­nally fo­cused, off course we had to deal with the busi­ness as­pect but it in­cluded more of risk man­age­ment for the busi­ness. The busi­ness role is all about ex­ter­nal un­der­stand­ing of the cus­tomers need.

Per­son­ally what drives you about this busi­ness?

Tyco is a great or­gan­i­sa­tion to be a part of. If you look at this busi­ness or the com­pany, we are one of the largest com­pa­nies in the world in fire so­lu­tion and se­cu­rity sys­tems, so this mar­ket drives me, its chal­lenges and the in­ter­ac­tion with the cus­tomers.

G Amar Subash, GM - Com­mer­cial & Re­tail, Tyco

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