Smoke House Deli II now at Lavelle Road, Ban­ga­lore


Smoke House Deli has once again made a buzz in Ban­ga­lore with the launch of its sec­ond restau­rant in the city. Though the store con­cept is a repli­ca­tion of the first one lo­cated at Indi­rana­gar, it por­trays an amal­ga­ma­tion of the vin­tage with the con­tem­po­rary and is an ac­co­lade to the fore­most res­i­dent of Lavelle Road, Michael F. Lavelle. Restau­ra­teur Riyaaz Am­lani of Im­pre­sario, the par­ent com­pany of Smoke House Deli said, “Ban­ga­lore’s epi­cure­ans have been very kind to us. The warmth and fa­mil­iar­ity that the city has shown to us has been hum­bling. As they say, cities are made of their peo­ple, and Smoke House Deli at Lavelle Road is a tribute to the lo­cal­ity's fore­most res­i­dent: Michael F. Lavelle him­self, the neigh­bor­hood's namesake and the re­gion's first gold prospec­tor.” The restau­rant is a hat-tip to a by­gone Bri­tish era of ex­ces­sive lux­u­ries, high­light­ing zones seg­mented into an out­door area, a lounge and a restau­rant at the end, while the hand­il­lus­trated in­te­ri­ors at the space recre­ate a hy­po­thet­i­cal hunt­ing lodge re­sem­bling the one pos­sessed by Michael F. Lavelle. The walls fea­ture the gallery of his ex­pe­ri­ences as a hunter, an art col­lec­tor, a fam­ily man; and a friend, be­sides be­ing a par­ody of his mem­ber­ship in the East In­dia Com­pany as a ‘gold-dig­ger’. They also speak in myr­iad tones de­pict­ing se­crets about the city’s glo­ri­ous past and also some imag­i­na­tive ideas about what the city can be. Zameer Bas­rai, Ar­chi­tect at The Bus­ride De­sign Stu­dio, says, “We’ve un­earthed a num­ber of anec­dotes, his­to­ries and sto­ries and il­lus­trated them, as a fun and ir­rev­er­ent way of look­ing at the city’s colo­nial past. Of par­tic­u­lar in­ter­est, were the fin­ish­ing schools in the re­gion that taught English eti­quette to our lo­cal elite – per­haps that’s why the res­i­dents on Lavelle Road be­have the way they do even to­day. Their fas­ci­na­tion with hats, gen­tle­men sports, thor­ough­breds and fetish for leather prod­ucts finds its roots deep in our city's colo­nial his­tory - and in a strange way, even deeper in the life of Michael F Lavelle." As for the main fea­ture, the food, City Chef Sau­rabh Arora said, “The menu at Smoke House Deli on Lavelle Road draws on a va­ri­ety of in­spi­ra­tions, some as old as the lo­cal­ity and oth­ers as avant-garde as the Deli it­self.”

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