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fig­ is an ex­pe­ri­ence de­sign stu­dio which spe­cialises in sculpt­ing brand en­vi­ron­ments. VM&RD chats up with Ex­pe­ri­ence De­signer Jasleen Man­rao, Co-Founder and Cre­ative Head, to know more about her jour­ney and the cre­ative phi­los­o­phy that drives her to cre­ate in­no­va­tive project each time for her clients.

and the stu­dio be­came a melt­ing pot for spe­cial­iza­tion.

Could you throw some light on the de­sign philoso­phies of fig­ments. Inc? How would you de­fine your USP and value ad­di­tions in terms of the project you han­dle for your clients?

fig­ is essen­tially an ex­pe­ri­ence de­sign stu­dio which strives to­wards sculpt­ing brand en­vi­ron­ments. ‘En­vi­ron­ment’ and ‘Ex­pe­ri­ence’ are two words that struc­ture our ef­fort. ‘De­sign’ is the sole tool. Ex­pe­ri­ence de­sign is a craft that bor­rows its ex­is­tence from three fields de­sign, busi­ness and sus­tain­abil­ity. Ex­pe­ri­ences mat­ter more when they are mean­ing­ful to­wards the tar­get au­di­ence. The dis­ci­pline is still in its in­fancy, es­pe­cially in the In­dian con­text; how­ever the scope for its ap­pli­ca­tion is vast. Our process is our USP. When we work on de­sign­ing a trans­ac­tional en­vi­ron­ment, we start as fresh re­cruits. We spend a long time ob­serv­ing cus­tomer be­hav­ior, in or­der to gain in­sights. Through our re­search we try to es­tab­lish the value sys­tems the tar­get group has and what are the mean­ing­ful ex­pe­ri­ences the cus­tomer group will value. Th­ese in­sights not only go on to de­fine the brief, but also helps re­in­force con­text im­mer­sion, di­lu­tion of opin­ions and in-turn trans­form­ing clients into stake-hold­ers. We de­sign spa­ces through map­ping and cre­at­ing touch-points, fo­cus­ing of cre­at­ing the ex­pe­ri­ences. Touch points are the es­sen­tial nodes in the cus­tomer jour­ney that re­lay the brand prom­ise. The nodes are de­signed in a man­ner that when cus­tomers en­gage with them, unique mem­o­ry­trig­gers are cre­ated. Such is the power of the hu­man mind, that the trig­gers when evoked can make us re-live the en­tire ex­pe­ri­ence in another time and space. This cre­ates ever-last­ing brand loy­alty.

Do you have de­sign and role mod­els in your cre­ative philoso­phies?

I don’t have role mod­els as such. I must add, I have al­ways found great teach­ers in the crafts­men on-site. I also keenly ob­serve the work by the young de­sign­ers. Speak­ing of cre­ative philoso­phies, the work of Joseph Pine, James Gil­more, Nathan She­droff, Geert Hof­st­ede has been in­spi­ra­tional. In the In­dian con­text, Devdutt Pattanaik has been bring­ing forth in­ter­est­ing ar­gu­ments that con­nect us back to our mytho­log­i­cal con­struct.

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