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Lo­cated at S. G. High­way, Ahmed­abad, Mon­deal Re­tail Park stands as an ex­cep­tional shop­ping cen­tre hous­ing re­tail out­lets, ser­vices and restaurants. Af­ter the first re­tail boom - re­flected in the up­com­ing of un­count­able shop­ping malls – be­gan to fade, Ahmed­abad wit­nessed re­tail in a brand new di­men­sion: the Mon­deal Re­tail Park, which houses some high-end pre­mium brands. The ar­chi­tects pro­vided the build­ing en­sem­ble with an ab­so­lutely orig­i­nal and beau­ti­ful façade. The out­stand­ing sur­face of ex­posed con­crete, which shim­mers in vari­a­tions of beige in the In­dian sun, is seg­mented into thin, hor­i­zon­tal grades. By do­ing so, the build­ing ap­pears to be fili­gree de­spite its mono­lithic cu­ba­ture.

Blocher Blocher In­dia started the de­sign phase with a ba­sic idea: High-end brands need new ar­chi­tec­tural so­lu­tions to fully en­fold. Un­til now, there were mainly two pos­si­bil­i­ties for In­dia’s pre­mium re­tail­ers-- ei­ther es­tab­lish a shop in a high-street or move into one of the many malls which of­ten weaken the brand ex­pe­ri­ences. Led by these es­sen­tial thoughts, the ar­chi­tects de­vel­oped the de­sign for the re­tail and busi­ness park with 16 in­de­pen­dent units. Each brand or com­pany can grace­fully de­sign the build­ing with a sep­a­rate ad­dress, fos­ter­ing in­di­vid­u­al­ity and in­de­pen­dence.

One ar­chi­tec­tural style was spread over the façade of the four build­ing en­ti­ties to give the re­tail park its own iden­tity. From the be­gin­ning, it was equally im­por­tant to cre­ate an at­trac­tive out­door area. This re­sulted in the new in­ter­pre­ta­tion of the an­cient agora prin­ci­ple: many stores lo­cated around a cen­tral pub­lic plaza which in­vites to linger around and en­joy the day.

The re­tail park is also a place for con­tem­pla­tion and re­lax­ation with its grand cen­tral plaza. Pol­ished gran­ite marks the walk­ing paths to achieve ori­en­ta­tion. The floors of other ar­eas are made of cob­ble­stone. In ad­di­tion, green spa­ces and wa­ter sur­faces con­trib­ute to the laid-back at­mos­phere. All of this is ten­derly shaded by large-size sails – il­lu­mi­nated for an in­di­rect light­ing. Con­crete benches with warm wooden sur­faces in­vite to rest and har­mo­nize per­fectly with the fa­cades of the Re­tail Park. The whole project unites fam­ily, leisure and shop­ping

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