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In Auriga, the two level restau­rant and bar, the lower level is al­most en­tirely sculpted in metal strips form­ing ab­stractly fold­ing planes that en­ve­lope the walls, col­umns, ceil­ing and bar counter. The en­tire de­sign was cre­ated with the in­te­gra­tion of light with ev­ery panel hav­ing spa­ces be­tween the metal fins for in­di­rect coloured light to fil­ter through.

The use of metal it­self as the pre­dom­i­nant ma­te­rial was done so that light re­flects on its an­gled sur­faces cre­at­ing a sculp­tural light­ing ef­fect. Each lou­ver of metal in each tri­an­gu­lar panel is an­gled to al­low light to re­flect its edges. The var­ied com­po­si­tion cre­ates dif­fer­ent ef­fects on each panel by re­flect­ing colour through chang­ing LED’s.

The even­tual re­sult is that, only the lines of light are vis­i­ble angling dif­fer­ently in each part of the bar with dim halo­gens fo­cused on the ta­bles and the bar. Floor lights along the pe­riph­ery have a bounc­ing light­ing ef­fect with metal sheets through­out the space ad­di­tion­ally.

At the up­per level of the restau­rant, an­gled planes in strips of wood have been sculpted in the en­tire space sheath­ing the walls and the ceil­ing to­gether. To en­hance the var­ied an­gles of this sculpted space, floor lights along the col­umns and pe­riph­ery re­flect light onto the an­gled planes en­hanc­ing the tex­tu­ral qual­ity cre­ated by the wood.

Light­ing has thus played a piv­otal role in the de­sign from the con­cep­tual stage it­self, be­com­ing an in­te­gral el­e­ment of the space and per­cep­tion

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