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Cat­e­gory : Best Store Sig­nage Project : Madura Fash­ion & Life­style ( Aditya Birla Nuvo ) GOLD : Di­a­mond Dis­play So­lu­tion

For the Peter Eng­land Gen­er­a­tion store at Indi­rana­gar 100 feet Road in Ban­ga­lore, the store front sig­nage has been planned uniquely with Alu­minium fab­ri­cated fins as a base panel with 300mm depth and in­ter­nally il­lu­mi­nated with LED mod­ules. The brand name is made of 3D letters cre­ated out of 2mm thick alu­minium and the fas­cia is done out of 040 acrylic. Letters are in­ter­nally il­lu­mi­nated by LED mod­ules. The Let­ter “GEN­ER­A­TION” is also done in the same man­ner but fixed on 3mm thick ACP panel. The over­all size of the sig­nage is 15’ (w) x 1’6” (h) fins and Letters height: 1’.

As the brand wanted to have a vari­a­tion in the day and night ef­fects, a spe­cial de­vice is used to con­trol the light­ing ef­fects thus of­fer­ing an aes­thetic dif­fer­en­tia­tor dur­ing the day and night.

Fab­ri­ca­tion of fins as base panel with only 30mm gap be­tween 2 lay­ers of alu­minium was a chal­lenge. LED mod­ules in­side the fins cov­ered with 040 acrylic and il­lu­mi­nated with 3M vinyl helped to achieve an ex­cep­tional qual­ity and go be­yond a con­ven­tional sig­nage

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