The an­tique look is re­ally in vogue in the re­tail world to­day. Cater­ing to this is En­sem­ble which has launched vin­tage fin­ishes.


To cre­ate these fin­ishes En­sem­ble se­lects orig­i­nal ma­te­ri­als like run­down tim­ber pulled down from houses, scrapped in­dus­trial units, vin­tage me­chan­i­cal in­stru­ments or even aged pieces of crafts­man­ship and treats them with tech­niques very sim­i­lar to orig­i­nal hand­made tech­niques to cre­ate a vin­tage look and ren­der an am­bi­ence to the space which can come through only with age. Hand-made tech­niques have this ad­van­tage over ma­chine made tech­nique re­sult­ing in a unique look. The rep­e­ti­tion of mod­ules seen in prod­ucts cre­ated with ma­chines is not a char­ac­ter­is­tic seen here and a seam­less tex­ture can be ex­pe­ri­enced. Qual­ity as­sur­ance is taken care of as the tim­bers used are 100% re­claimed tim­bers that have FSC cer­ti­fi­ca­tion. Also, the woods are chem­i­cally treated for pests and ro­dents and have a very long life. Solid wood and metal com­bi­na­tions make an­tique repli­cas which are quite use­ful to the taste of rugged mer­chan­dise en­vi­ron­ments. There is also added style when it comes to us­ing these dis­plays in mod­ern mer­chan­dise en­vi­ron­ments. Vin­tage ac­ces­sories come in handy to show at­ten­tion to de­tail and to add to the an­tique quo­tient of the store. Their looks range from 50 to 300 years of­fer­ing wider op­tions depend­ing on the kind of store. Tim­ber re­claimed from old struc­tures is sea­soned nat­u­rally or chem­i­cally and fin­ished to form floor­ings. These are grouped to­gether in cat­e­gories like Nat­u­ral, Dis­tressed, Stained and Aged Woods. Chemical and phys­i­cal treat­ments are com­bined to give the re­sul­tant hand­crafted look. Pan­el­ing fin­ishes as well have the same cat­e­gories as floor­ing. To main­tain the look of the nat­u­ral woods, they are fin­ished on lat­est ma­chin­ery and commercial grade top coats are painted on it for dura­bil­ity as­sur­ance. For dis­tressed woods, nat­u­ral ag­ing ef­fects are ap­plied on sea­soned wood. Stained woods dis­close a char­ac­ter of be­ing bold and dra­matic. To cre­ate aged woods, En­sem­ble re­sorts to colours. Blacks, whites or any colour can be worn out in a way which would make them look nat­u­rally aged. For metals, the vin­tage feel is cre­ated by chemical treat­ments fol­lowed by a num­ber of pro­cesses and then they can be used in pan­el­ing, floor­ing or fix­tures

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