Harpf-a drink shop, dwells in a listed Gothic style build­ing in the heart of Bru­neck, Italy. A tes­ti­mony to the Harpf legacy, this drink shop in the sig­na­ture colour pur­ple is a re­flec­tion of the val­ues held by the fam­ily run busi­ness through 100 years. W

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Acob­bled street ap­proach, tall planters and a wel­come note of clas­sic white fur­ni­ture; all of it is jux­ta­posed with a Gothic fa­cade and the com­po­si­tion draws par­al­lels to a cute cor­ner shop. The awning on top em­pha­sizes the Euro­pean con­text. The build­ing be­ing a listed one, lit­tle changes have been done to it to present it in a newer flair. Gothic arches greet the cus­tomer into the store. The com­pany colour and logo have been in­cor­po­rated in the cen­tral larger arch and their ar­tic­u­la­tion makes way for people to en­ter. At night the LED il­lu­mi­na­tion, lights up the fa­cade in pur­ple. It matches with the name board be­low and gets added points for draw­ing at­ten­tion. The store has two dis­tinct di­vi­sions- food and drinks! Your first step into the store and you’re ex­posed to a vin­tage won­der­land.

This is the food sec­tion of the store which stocks prod­ucts rang­ing from home­made pasta, sauces, cheeses and aged cold cuts up to spices, sweets and teas and in­fu­sions. This sec­tion is vis­i­ble from the out­side and speaks in a con­sis­tent lan­guage. The white walls and arches cre­ate the move­ment maze. The lan­guage of the space com­ple­ments the ar­chi­tec­ture of the place and re­calls coun­try stores from a dif­fer­ent era. The dis­play sys­tems are not a con­tin­u­ous ar­ray of lines but rather set up in dif­fer­ent for­mats to suit the va­ri­ety of prod­ucts. Shelves of dif­fer­ent types and po­si­tioned at dif­fer­ent heights form the dis­play col­lage with draw­ers at the bot­tom and at ran­dom posi­tons as well. The dis­play sys­tem is en-massed from wood and hand­made pot­tery and painted in white and pur­ple which adds the iden­tity fac­tor to the store, be­ing in the Harpf’s sig­na­ture colour. The first half of the store story cul­mi­nates in the sparkle of cham­pagne bot­tles in a re­cessed area rightly named ‘Glory-Box’, be­fore mov­ing on to the the pas­sage to the sec­ond half of the store. Walk­ing into the rear of the store, one en­coun­ters a new at­tire adorned by the shop. A run-down grunge space plays host to a se­lec­tion of lo­cal and in­ter­na­tional wines, beers and spir­its. The scraped off brick walls,

stone Gothic arches, ceil­ing with wooden beams and the vol­ume con­tain­ing it all, makes a clear state­ment of Rough Luxe de­sign style. Two bold de­sign state­ments un­der one roof are held to­gether by the thread of the com­pany’s colour, pur­ple, fur­ni­ture ac­cent and the tex­ture of the nat­u­ral wood. The dis­play ar­tic­u­la­tion and ma­te­rial com­bi­na­tion along with the Rough Luxe ar­chi­tec­ture style draws a char­ac­ter sketch of the space. Cre­ativ­ity also man­i­fests it­self in the dis­play in­no­va­tions. A bal­ance is cre­ated in the use of wall heights for mer­chan­dise dis­play. Rough dark lac­quered metal is used for spe­cial beer dis­plays. Bot­tles dis­played on wheels and in wooden boxes around the col­umns fol­low the rus­tic feel of the space. The light­ing in the store has two tasks; to en­lighten the prod­uct and to pro­tect it from light sources which would com­pro­mise the qual­ity The lounge set up on a wooden podium is meant to try out new prod­ucts and en­hance knowl­edge. This idea plays with the hu­man mind through di­rect con­tact with the sense of taste. It leads them to an ex­pe­ri­ence at a dif­fer­ent level of en­gage­ment and ma­nip­u­lates the pur­chas­ing de­ci­sion by bring­ing out the pe­cu­liar­i­ties of the prod­uct. Also, the de­sign of the lounge is so invit­ing that it com­pels the cus­tomer to try out the fea­ture even against his own wish. Com­fort­able leather so­fas, homely ac­ces­sories propped around, prod­ucts dis­played in­for­mally on clas­sic fur­ni­ture art­fully stacked set the story board for this space. This space is set against a back­drop of full height glass doors sport­ing pat­terns in­spired from the Piet Mon­drian style of art. Shades of the sig­na­ture pur­ple colour cre­ate the bal­ance of trans­parency with the out­side. With two dis­tinct ex­pe­ri­ences be­ing staged in the store, it needs to be high on the in­ter­ac­tive fac­tor. For a smooth tran­si­tion be­tween the two sec­tions, the con­nect­ing ges­ture is a ‘Harpf-and-Friends-cor­ner’ which is a knowl­edge zone with a li­brary. It elab­o­rates on the his­tory of the com­pany through pho­tos as well. All these el­e­ments merge and cre­ate a po­si­tion­ing for the com­pany. The de­sign at­tributes jus­tify the im­age of the store and also pro­vide the back­ing for its iden­tity

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