Colour Fi­esta @ Cen­tral


The men’s cam­paign at the store stands out for its unique pre­sen­ta­tion tech­niques

When it’s sum­mer time, all dis­plays are about colours. But it mat­ters the way you present colours and how you play around with ideas as­so­ci­ated. As a coun­ter­part to the women’s dress cam­paign at Cen­tral, its men’s cam­paign hits the right spot with its unique pre­sen­ta­tion tech­niques. Usu­ally when colours are in play on a win­dow dis­play, so are a lot of props to pep up the theme. Cen­tral looks at the idea of colours with a twist and de­cides to do away with props en­tirely. Fo­cus­ing on men's for­mals and ca­su­als, the collection comes to light with a colour-cen­tric theme. The win­dow dis­play draws at­ten­tion with its bright colours care­fully cho­sen to liven up the win­dow. The prod­ucts show­cased cut across the brands housed at Cen­tral and in­tro­duce the lan­guage fol­lowed in store as well. The win­dow high­light is the colourful in­stal­la­tion cre­ated out of men’s shirts. Fab­ric and sun­board- sim­ple ma­te­ri­als as such are used to fab­ri­cate the cre­ation. “We tried to cre­ate a chan­de­lier in a pyramid struc­ture with the fo­cus on shirts. The idea was to have the prod­uct as the hero of all dis­plays. The dis­plays are made of and re­volve around the prod­uct only,” says Pawan Na­gar­wal, VM Head at Cen­tral.

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