Pretty Solly


Allen Solly’s exclusive women’s wear store in Ban­ga­lore’s Phoenix Mar­ket City caters to the dis­cern­ing woman shop­per in the inim­itable Bri­tish style

As one of the many to fol­low, Allen Solly opened its exclusive women’s wear store in Phoenix Mar­ket City, Ban­ga­lore. The store fo­cuses on hav­ing the pret­tier gen­der in­dulge in re­tail ther­apy in an en­vi­ron­ment spe­cially cre­ated for her. It is af­ter all an Allen Solly store. The brand ideas and in­te­rior lan­guage dwell on their co­he­sion in this store as well. The sub­tle as well as overt nu­ances which bring out the fem­i­nine fea­tures of the store are what set them apart. They are the cat­a­lysts that ag­gra­vate the in­born shop­per in­stincts of a woman. Vis­ual mer­chan­dis­ing comes to the aid of in­te­rior ar­chi­tec­ture to cu­rate the de­sired ex­pe­ri­ence. A flaw­less ex­pe­ri­ence thereby beck­ons. The Allen Solly Women en­counter be­gins right from when you come down on the es­ca­la­tors at Phoenix Mar­ket City. The fa­cade of the store has a tilt which al­lows for more ex­po­sure from a dis­tance. It feeds in­for­ma­tion to the cus­tomer to draw her nearer to the store and from the thresh­old the jour­ney is bound to pro­ceed fur­ther in­side. The fa­cade tilt re­veals a part wall from a dis­tance which the brand prefers to call the ‘brand wall’. At present adorned with artis­tic plates don­ning a Bri­tish at­ti­tude, this ‘brand wall’ is meant to com­mu­ni­cate con­cepts to the cus­tomer. The en­hanced fa­cade height adds to the vis­i­bil­ity fac­tor. Blue vinyl with down­ward gra­da­tion is an Allen Solly fa­cade sig­na­ture. Since this is a women’s store for Allen Solly, vinyl in pink gra­da­tion is ap­plied at the bot­tom of the fa­cade. What spells ‘women’s only zone’ bet­ter than a stereo­typed colour? A mir­ror in an artis­tic form is placed at the win­dow as an ac­ces­sory which is a pop­u­lar must-have in the women’s cat­e­gory. The idea of mir­rors continues in-store as well. The store in­te­ri­ors carry for­ward the Allen Solly lan­guage. A play of Bri­tish de­sign styles in­flu­ences the store. Added el­e­ments of a fem­i­nine na­ture un­der­line the state­ment the store wants to make. The store is a corol­lary of fused styles seam­lessly wo­ven into a sin­gu­lar vis­ual vo­cab­u­lary. The plates on the brand wall are an in­tro­duc­tion to the Bri­tish im­pres­sions. As soon as one en­ters the store, the im­me­di­ate eye-catcher is the pink ta­ble on the left. If the ref­er­ences till this point in the ex­pe­ri­ence were not enough, the pink ta­ble leaves no scope for am­bi­gu­ity. Done up in a Bri­tish fur­ni­ture style, the ta­ble is de­signed as if only half of it is emerg­ing from the wall. Such a ges­ture has no logic but adds to the aes­thetic and in­ter­est level. It works as a dis­play sta­tion

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