Lit­tle Book­worm

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For most kids, read­ing books is an aver­sion. Chen Zhang en­vi­sioned a space which would en­tice kids to spend time read­ing books. Her vi­sion was in­spired by the lit­tle book­worm and brought to life in Chongqing, China, by US-based de­sign firm Pom­pei AD.

Mrs. Zhang’s vi­sion of a lit­tle book­worm liv­ing in a for­est was the in­spi­ra­tion for the store’s con­cept and de­sign. Our vi­sion was to bring this Lit­tle Book­worm to life by de­sign­ing a space that fea­tures vignettes of Lit­tle Book­worm’s home where he lives, plays, eats,” says Pooja Rao Pil­lai, Stu­dio Direc­tor at Pom­pei A.D. The for­est en­vi­ron­ment en­vi­sioned as the lit­tle book­worm’s home trans­lated to a book­store which got the lit­eral name ‘Lit­tle Book­worm’. Dif­fer­ent zones have been cre­ated in the book­store based on the ac­tiv­i­ties of the lit­tle book­worm. His play area be­comes the arts and crafts area; his sleep­ing area is the sto­ry­time space and his eat­ing area is the cafe. The store has been de­signed to en­tice kids. Their par­ents can re­lax at the cafe while the kids ex­plore the world of the Lit­tle Book­worm. The Lit­tle Book­worm’s home wel­comes you with dense ab­stract trees and leads you to a for­est-like at­mos­phere. The en­tire store is de­signed as path­ways of trees in dif­fer­ent forms to ac­com­mo­date the var­i­ous func­tions. The dif­fer­ent

ap­proaches of cre­at­ing trees add the el­e­ment of va­ri­ety in de­sign, while at the same time ad­her­ing to the de­sign con­cept. 3D trees pro­vide for new books to be dis­played and tree forms cre­ated as niches in the walls make shelves for books and art work cre­ated by kids. The leaf form which is quite sym­bolic to a for­est feel man­i­fests in var­i­ous el­e­ments in the store. Leaf shaped stamps on the floor brighten up the space. Light fix­tures are also spe­cially de­signed in the shape of the leaf. Leaf-shaped cutouts in walls serve as in­no­va­tive seat­ing spa­ces for kids. Right from the en­try, a mys­tic for­est ex­pe­ri­ence takes the kids through dif­fer­ent zones of the Lit­tle Book­worm. The first en­counter is the read­ing area which is a co­he­sive com­po­si­tion of ab­stract trees an­i­mal seat­ing spa­ces and lots of colours! Nooks in the walls were in­spired by ac­tual worm holes and be­come com­fort­able ar­eas for chil­dren to sit and read while en­joy­ing a view of the store from an un­likely place. The heart of the store in­spired from the lit­tle book­worm’s sleep­ing area is the sto­ry­time area. The am­bi­ence here, in­spired by tree trunks, con­notes the heart of a tree where the lit­tle book­worm sleeps. In­di­vid­ual cu­bi­cles cre­ated with tree trunk par­ti­tions suf­fice for pri­vate zones.

The store aims to serve a holis­tic pur­pose and so has ded­i­cated ar­eas for arts and crafts for kids where they make stuff based on monthly themes and dis­play it proudly. And, of course, a store for kids is in­com­plete with­out a play area. A ded­i­cated area with spe­cial toys al­lows for kids to play there and also in­spires new con­nec­tions for them. They can in­ter­act with other kids and make friends too. The en­tire pal­lette in the store is very vi­brant to please its tar­get au­di­ence. Too many colours cater to the fancy of kids and en­cour­age them to spend time there. The lights too ren­der bright hues to the store and add to the colour pal­lette. Even the in­te­rior el­e­ments and ma­te­ri­als used are im­ple­mented in va­ri­ety of colours. Lit­tle Book­worm is a house of cre­ative in­flux and takes kids through the emo­tions of fun, ad­ven­ture and cre­ativ­ity. It is a plat­form for their imag­i­na­tion to flour­ish. An in­ter­ac­tive space for kids and adults alike, par­ents can make new con­nec­tions too. A very ca­sual tone to the space sends out a re­cur­ring in­vite to its visi­tors. Even­tu­ally, a mag­i­cal ex­pe­ri­ence beck­ons

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