Fas­ci­na­tion points are strik­ing, in­di­vid­ual dis­play and dec­o­ra­tion solutions, po­si­tioned at promi-nent points within stores and are de­signed to be vis­i­ble from a dis­tance. Th­ese can be images, dis­play decors or pro­mo­tional dis­plays. They are eye-catch­ers and can also be used to guide cus­tomers in a spe­cific di­rec­tion if a match­ing mer­chan­dise dis­play is added to the decor.

Fas­ci­na­tion points are log­i­cally used at the end of an aisle, at an in­ter­sec­tion between two aisles, as an at­trac­tion within or at the en­trance to a depart­ment. They should always be high­lighted by ad­di­tional light­ing (e.g., spot­lights point­ing at the decor). The items vis­i­ble in the dis­play decor should be avail­able on mer­chan­dise sup­ports nearby; eas­ily ac­ces­si­ble to the cus­tomer who does not have to look far to find the goods that have caught his eye. Fas­ci­na­tion points should always of­fer cus­tomers a unique and sur­pris­ing vis­ual ex­pe­ri­ence and cre­ate an emo­tional at­trac­tion to the sur­round­ing mer­chan­dise, whilst con­tribut­ing to the store at­mos­phere. They pro­vide an im­me­di­ate stage for mer­chan­dise and are the eas­i­est means of en­cour­ag­ing cus­tomers to buy. They should be re­designed or re­placed in line with the fre­quency of cus­tomer vis­its, and at least ev­ery two weeks

A fas­ci­na­tion point in a depart­ment store near an es­ca­la­tor. The unusual plinth de­sign and dis­play decor with ac­cesso-ries cre­ates an eye-catch­ing fea­ture - Vis­play sys­tem Area 20 (John Lewis, Le­ices­ter, UK). The fas­ci­na­tion point in the cen­tre of the cor­ri­dor style space with cur­rent fash­ion trends at­tracts cus­tomers to the stairs lead­ing to the rear of the shop. The items are dis­played in dif­fer­ent sizes on the plinth along­side the dis­play decor (Basler, Cologne, Ger­many). A fas­ci­na­tion point at the cen­tre of the sales floor. Cur­rent fash­ion is dis­played on man­nequins with a unique plinth de-sign and spe­cial light­ing el­e­ments to cre­ate a vis­ual ex­pe­ri­ence (Bli­jdesteijn, Tiel, Nether­lands).

A fas­ci­na­tion point with an even­ing wear dis­play decor. Its dis­tinc­tive shape – an open cube (Vis­play sys­tem Kado 25) -, dif­fer­ent plinth heights and theme colours (black and red) im­me­di­ately catch the cus­tomer’s eye (Marks & Spencer, Lon-don, UK),

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