Thienot Bordeaux

With a legacy of 30 years, Thienot Bordeaux cham­pagne has es­tab­lished its name in the pre­mium cham­pagne seg­ment. So, for its tast­ing room, it would nec­es­sar­ily have more than a dash of op­u­lence. Lo­cated in the heart of Paris, the Thienot Bordeaux cham­pagn

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Young duo Laure Giro­droux and Karolina Lubkowski came up with the cre­ative for Thienot’s tast­ing room that sim­ply mes­merises you to in­dulge. The sparkle of cham­pagne is writ large in the store, jus­ti­fy­ing the na­ture of the prod­uct while ad­her­ing to the val­ues of the brand. With a wel­come ap­peal right at the thresh­old of this tast­ing room, the store is an open invitation to well-known restau­rant chefs and som­me­liers. The in­te­rior is in­deed de­signed to suit the tastes of the who’s who.

Pass­ing by the Hauss­mann Boule­vard, golden re­flec­tions seen on the pave­ment stop you in your tracks and your at­ten­tion is drawn to the frontage of the Thienot tast­ing room. What you will see is a glit­ter­ing metal­lic sculp­ture, an in­stant eye-catcher that casts its re­flec­tions on the pave­ment. A win­dow dis­play which may not be manda­tory for a cham­pagne place, adds an ad­di­tional wel­com­ing tone. The lights over the cham­pagne dis­play change with the brands that are show­cased. The show­room, be­ing a part of a rich ar­chi­tec­tural build­ing, sets per­fectly within the con­text it is housed in. Once past the mon­u­men­tal en­trance, the cus­tomer is greeted into the store. Usu­ally one may not look up at the ceil­ing in a store. But here an over­pow­er­ing ges­ture of gold ti­ta­nium treated square pieces guides the eye to­wards the tast­ing room. It is an ob­vi­ous sig­na­ture of the store, a sin­gu­lar el­e­ment that cre­ates the re­call value for the store. This light and float­ing sculp­ture hides a great com­plex­ity, as Laure Giro­droux and Karolina Lubkowski ex­plain: “It took us sev­eral weeks of 3D and tech­ni­cal re­search with the con­trac­tor to de­fine how to sus­pend and cre­ate the curves, with­out see­ing the struc­tural ef­fort, and find the per­fect ma­te­rial which wouldn’t ox­i­dise with time and of­fer deep golden re­flec­tions. We opted for mir­ror-pol­ished stain­less steel treated with gold ti­ta­nium.” Although not a very huge space, this 100 sq. m. area suf­fices to present the cham­pagne as pre­cious pos­ses­sions. To lay weight on this ma­jes­tic prod­uct, the choice of dis­play pre­sen­ta­tion is on the lines of jew­ellery dis­plays. The gra­di­ent from white to brown lac­quer­ing bal­ances the bold state­ment made

by the in­stal­la­tion. Also, since the main idea was to high­light the in­stal­la­tion as the key de­sign el­e­ment, the rest of the store sur­faces as a classy low-key de­sign. To bring out the her­itage el­e­ment of the brand, the pat­terns and fin­ishes used are seem­ingly drawn from a vin­tage era – that may not be seen as an­tique and rus­tic. A clas­sic flam­boy­ance runs through the el­e­ments mak­ing up the space. Old school white mar­ble pat­terned floor­ing, a neu­tral and monochro­matic colour pal­ette, the rot iron rail­ings with a non-con­tem­po­rary pat­tern are all signs of vin­tage de­cency the space ob­serves. Also, the way the stair­case moves up re­flects the class the store ex­udes as well as the brand de­mands. Brand val­ues and sta­tus can be seen in such mi­nor ges­tures and they cre­ate the charm of the place. The lac­quered pan­els and nat­u­ral oak ve­neer fin­ishes con­trib­ute in a big way to ren­der­ing the character of the space. The sig­na­ture gold ti­ta­nium fin­ish in­stal­la­tion guides the cus­tomer to the tast­ing room. A ship bow shaped white tast­ing ta­ble of­fers a friendly in­vite to the cus­tomer wait­ing

for the pure sparkle. A non-for­mal seat­ing ar­range­ment re­laxes the cus­tomer as­sur­ing him that he can take his time to try it all. The pri­vacy given by the cur­tains is also an added com­fort. Two squares of the gold ti­ta­nium fin­ish metal hang from the above to es­tab­lish an el­e­ment of con­ti­nu­ity as the na­ture of the space is quite dif­fer­ent from the way lead­ing to this place.

The depth cre­ated in the space and the fu­sion of op­u­lence with a ges­ture of in­for­mal­ity given by the nat­u­ral oak wood ve­neer fin­ish are rem­i­nis­cent of a vine­yard.

De­sign Team

Laure Giro­droux and Karolina Lubkowski

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