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The US Polo Assn flag­ship that was re­cently opened at Indi­rana­gar, Ban­ga­lore flaunts a her­itage of Amer­i­can vin­tage on a pal­ette of con­tem­po­rary US Polo Assn iden­tity. The aura of orig­i­nal­ity is in­sin­u­ated through the fi­nal col­lage which emerges.

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With brand val­ues in­tact, tra­di­tions spo­ken of and an iden­tity back­ing, the new store as­serts a fu­sion of the rich old and the glam new. The lav­ish na­ture of the store is in­tro­duced at the store front it­self. Steps of tran­si­tion, arched en­try com­ple­mented with arched win­dows, and a sense of the size of the store from within com­poses an invit­ing ges­ture. The store fa­cade has al­ready done its job for bet­ter po­si­tion­ing of the brand. The life size logo with cor­re­spond­ing images of the Polo sport are her­itage ex­pres­sions of the brand’s soul. The colour scheme co­or­di­nated with the wooden fin­ish con­note to a club feel which is the USP of the brand. The fa­cade treat­ment is a key-hole to the de­sign lan­guage fol­lowed within the store. A step into the store and the grandeur of a club cul­ture is im­me­di­ately ev­i­dent. The dou­ble-height en­try zone greets the cus­tomer with a huge Polo mal­let in­stal­la­tion which is all set to be­come the brand sig­na­ture. This in­stal­la­tion along with the VM ac­cents put out right there like the sad­dles and tro­phies on the nest­ing ta­ble are enough ev­i­dence of brand sym­bol­ism. The ex­ces­sive wooden fin­ishes and the ex­per­i­ments done with them are a back­ing to the aes­thet­ics in­tended. What is en­tic­ing is the open­ness of the store which al­lows for in­dul­gence; be it aes­thet­ics or re­tail ther­apy. A strong hold of VM trails in the store. When it comes to ex­press­ing a bold iden­tity, VM comes to the aid to present a flaw­less sig­na­ture. It man­i­fests in the store as in­te­grated el­e­ments of de­sign and cre­ates points of in­ter­est in nooks and cor­ners of the store. The feel­ing ren­dered is of shop­ping in an ac­tual en­vi­ron­ment cre­ated as a fu­sion of the Polo sport, Amer­i­can vin­tage cul­ture and the Amer­i­can manors of the coun­try­side. “Be­ing a flag­ship store, spe­cial em­pha­sis was given to the ma­te­ri­als, theme, visual com­mu­ni­ca­tion as well as visual mer­chan­dis­ing of the store. We wanted to give the store the look and feel of a pri­vate home rather than a store. A shift from the ex­ist­ing store in­te­ri­ors which con­sisted of glass facades, black por­tals and a more uni­form treat­ment across zones, given we had the ben­e­fit of space this time, we zoned the store us­ing dif­fer­ent ma­te­ri­als, light­ing, fix­ture de­tail­ing and visual mer­chan­dis­ing,” says Lisa Mukhed­kar, Co-Founder, Re­store So­lu­tions.

The store is zoned ac­cord­ing to the ap­parel seg­men­ta­tion. The de­signer’s role comes in when each sec­tion has to talk of its char­ac­ter­is­tics. The en­tire store is frag­mented in ap­parel sec­tions with their unique iden­ti­ties and cu­rated as a sin­gu­lar de­sign through the common thread of ma­te­ri­als and VM at­tributes. The denim bar poses a rus­tic feel to the zone talk­ing of a ca­sual denim na­ture. The Polo clubs and the metal horse head are hints of the Polo sport­ing cul­ture. The rest of the denim lab is housed within rus­tic white wood fin­ished walls con­trast­ing the area from the men’s sports­wear. Dark wood walls and floor­ing in the men’s sports­wear move to­wards a lighter wood floor­ing in the denim lab giv­ing it a so­phis­ti­cated dis­tinc­tion. This dis­tinc­tion is bal­anced with VM knick knacks and wall mounted vi­su­als speak­ing of a wealthy Amer­i­can fam­ily thereby con­nect­ing the spa­ces. The tran­si­tion moves to­wards the mez­za­nine hous­ing the women and kids’ wear zones. The stair­case lead­ing up­wards is not only an el­e­ment of ver­ti­cal cir­cu­la­tion but an added ex­pres­sion of brand in­te­gra­tion with the theme on board. An op­u­lent tread width, framed jer­seys, the rus­tic wall shade are all well thought of el­e­ments which en­sure a con­ti­nu­ity in the ex­pe­ri­ence through the store. The rail­ing as well is cus­tomised to the theme. The de­sign of the ver­ti­cal bars in­cor­po­rat­ing the horse-shoe shape ad­vo­cates hints of the theme to the in­tri­cate de­tails. The vast mez­za­nine speaks a rel­a­tively dif­fer­ent lan­guage than the ground floor. The same theme is re­alised here as well; just adapted for a dif­fer­ent au­di­ence. The rus­tic browns from the ground floor turn into sub­tle whites laid on a can­vas of light brown wooden floor­ing with sisal car­pets in the women’s sec­tion to suit the tastes of the tar­get. The girl’s sec­tion is a con­tin­ued vo­cab­u­lary tweak­ing into el­e­gant white wardrobes like in a girl’s room as dis­play units. The boys’ area is de­signed to the give the young guy a mas­cu­line feel yet re­tain­ing the child in him. Mid­way hues of wood

in dis­plays, wooden crates as off­beat dis­play units and VM in­ter­ven­tions are con­tribut­ing fac­tors. Cherry wood crates, chests, Polo horse wall­pa­pers are hints at a boy­ish at­ti­tude. The en­tire mez­za­nine floor is brightly lit com­pared to the rus­tic and warm feel of the ground floor. The kind of light­ing used also caters to the au­di­ence un­der con­sid­er­a­tion. The Indi­rana­gar store with its bold state­ment leads the way to a new im­age for­ma­tion for US Polo Assn.

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