Dis­play Decor at Point of Sale / Cross Mer­chan­dis­ing


Dis­play decor at the point of sale is an es­sen­tial as­pect of visual mer­chan­dis­ing. This type of sales pro­mo­tion uses visual in­cen­tives to in­cite cus­tomers to make pur­chases. A dec­o­ra­tive goods dis­play speaks to the ob­server and ap­peals to him par­tic­u­larly on an emo­tional level. Pur­chases are then mainly im­pul­sive, with lit­tle ra­tio­nal thought. Im­pulse buys are vi­tal, ex­tra sales for ev­ery re­tailer. Dis­play decor is now an in­te­gral part of visual mar­ket­ing con­cepts. It cre­ates an ul­ti­mate eye-catcher (e.g. a fascination point) when used at a strate­gic point in the store, shows the lat­est trends and acts as an in­cen­tive and at­tracts cus­tomers. Dis­play decor is just as vi­tal with mer­chan­dise dis­plays. It en­ables the cus­tomer to vi­su­alise the ef­fect of the mer­chan­dise or how he can use it. With cloth­ing, flat dis­plays on a ta­ble can con­vey how to com­bine mer­chan­dise. A dis­play man­nequin or bust, on the other hand, shows how the mer­chan­dise looks when worn. Pho­tos and plants also gen­er­ate at­mos­phere. Suit­able ac­ces­sories can be added in line with the theme. It is es­sen­tial the same ar­ti­cles are dis­played nearby in dif­fer­ent sizes, mod­els and colours. The cus­tomer shouldn’t have to look far to find the goods in his size and match­ing ac­ces­sories. With cross mer­chan­dis­ing, re­lated ar­ti­cles from dif­fer­ent cat­e­gories are dis­played along­side each other in a match­ing dis­play decor. For ex­am­ple, a “moun­taineer­ing” theme in sports fash­ion not only fea­tures trousers, shirts and jack­ets, but also in­cludes shoes and all re­lated ac­ces­sories/hard­ware (e.g. hel­mets, ropes, cara­bin­ers). Ev­ery­thing can be pre­sented on the same dis­play sys­tem or side by side in a sales-boost­ing dis­play. The con­sumer’s at­ten­tion is drawn to other in­ter­est­ing ar­ti­cles and new fea­tures, en­cour­ag­ing im­pulse buys. This in­creases the re­tailer’s turnover per sale. Cross mer­chan­dis­ing is also an in­te­gral part of the sales strat­egy, which in­volves un­der­stand­ing the con­sumer’s global needs and show­ing that the store can ful­fil them. The right re­tail stag­ing can trans­form a planned pur­chase into a true shop­ping ex­pe­ri­ence which will con­vince the cus­tomer of the re­tailer’s ex­per­tise and will en­cour­age him to re­turn.

Dis­play decor at the POS in the top part of the rear wall, us­ing busts and pho­tos us­ing the Vis­play sys­tem Steel (Best Moun­tain, Paris (France)

Dis­play decor at the POS with two dis­play man­nequins. The theme “fes­tive evening wear” is high­lighted by the colour blue. The fash­ion items them­selves are dis­played on a mid-floor gon­dola and on the wardrobe-style wall pan­els us­ing the Vis­play sys­tem In­vis­i­ble 6 (Bli­jdesteijn, Tiel (Nether­lands)

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