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Ev­ery dis­play at an Allen Solly win­dow is care­fully crafted to speak with its cus­tomer. A story ex­pressed through colours is a very Allen Solly greet­ing. VM&RD looks at a few re­cent dis­plays done by the brand and a nar­ra­tive fol­lows...

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The Clas­sic Polo Tale

The colour story here climbs up through the plat­form of Solly Sport- a sub brand of Allen Solly. The theme cho­sen is an ex­pres­sion of Clas­sic Po­los launched by Solly Sport clubbed with the on­set of Au­tumn. The idea here was to use the prod­uct it­self as the el­e­ment of pro­mo­tion. The de­pic­tion shows an­i­mated ver­sions of the po­los in var­i­ous colours set across a back­drop of fields meet­ing the hori­zon. A clas­sic value ad­di­tion to the dis­play comes through the white cy­cle. A passerby would jus­tify the ex­is­tence of this cy­cle as a mark of rid­ing through the fields.

An Ode To Gandhi

As a mark of com­mem­o­ra­tion to M.K Gandhi, a dis­play was set up to cel­e­brate his birth­day. A visual of three mon­keys is sym­bolic to the great leader and this idea was trans­lated on the man­nequins at Allen Solly win­dows. “Be­ing a Bri­tish brand we honor Mr. M.K Gandhi’s strate­gies,” said Richa Shri­vas­tava, Visual Com­mu­ni­ca­tion Spe­cial­ist, Allen Solly.

Iconic el­e­ments of Gandhi’s per­son­al­ity like his mous­tache and glasses, have been used as his im­age at­tributes on the vis­i­ble fa­cial parts of the man­nequin. The back­drop which con­sists ofa sim­ple im­age of Gandhi could have been rep­re­sented in a bet­ter way for a com­plete qual­ity ori­ented dis­play.

Trib­ute To Its Ori­gins

When Allen Solly launched its her­itage line of Not­ting­ham Ox­ford shirts, its de­pic­tion in win­dow dis­plays was an ob­vi­ous choice. The dis­play and the story be­hind the shirts go hand in hand.

“The in­signia of Allen Solly rep­re­sents the sym­bols and de­tails of the city of Not­ting­ham. Hence when Allen Solly looked to cre­ate a line spe­cially as a trib­ute to its ori­gins, we delved into the his­tory of the brand and re-con­cep­tu­al­ized the range to fit to­day's times,”

said Anu­raag Sing­hal, VM Head, Allen Solly. The house checks pat­tern used in the days of yore was de­tailed in the shirts and there­fore takes a po­si­tion of prime on the win­dow glass. Emerg­ing from the frosted glass is a sil­hou­ette of Robin Hood as a legend. The bows, ar­rows and the hat on the man­nequins are fur­ther rep­re­sen­ta­tions of the legend.

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