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Ari­hant is a popular in tra­di­tional ap­parel re­tail with a flag­ship store spread over 30,000 sq ft. that boasts of a façade that fea­tures 11 win­dows. The denim col­lec­tion win­dow had a spe­cial in­stal­la­tion which stood out.

As the name says, the win­dow is about den­ims. The cre­ative was all left to De­sign Pal­let. As de­cided, the win­dow was de­signed around cy­cle rings. The idea was to have a dis­play which spelt ca­sual, insync with the very idea of denim. With denim as the fo­cus, blue was an ob­vi­ous choice of colour and yel­low was added as a fun el­e­ment. With the third colour be­ing white, it laid the can­vas for th­ese two colours to stand out. The yel­low in­verted cy­cle be­comes the fo­cal point of the win­dow and is quite sym­bolic. Denim as an ap­parel is not at­tached to any par­tic­u­lar class or seg­ment of peo­ple. It is worn by peo­ple com­mut­ing on cy­cles to peo­ple liv­ing in man­sions. This idea flows through the win­dow with the denim fab­ric run­ning through the cy­cle rings and un­der the old sewing ma­chine in­di­cat­ing that its pres­ence in the mar­ket is dated way back. The cy­cle prop is just a metaphor­i­cal ex­pres­sion. We’re not sure whether the cus­tomers would read into that but it sure stands strong as an at­trac­tive el­e­ment. The colour and prop com­po­si­tion over­all ren­ders a win­dow which would make the cus­tomer ex­plore the store for more.

Con­cept/Visual Mer­chan­dis­ing

Dhurgha Ni­ran­jan & Vinoth Kumar.R De­sign Pal­ette, Chen­nai

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