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Rep­re­sent­ing one of the fastest grow­ing re­tail mar­kets in the world to­day, EuroShop 2017 also saw in­creased par­tic­i­pa­tion from In­dian re­tail so­lu­tion providers as vis­i­tors from the cat­e­gories of shop-build & shop-fit, sign & sig­nage, POS dis­plays, events & stall de­sign, man­nequins, deign & ar­chi­tec­ture and more. The num­ber of In­dian ex­hibitors at EuroShop re­mained con­stant be­tween 2014 and 2017, each time with 5 ex­hibitors oc­cu­py­ing just over 150 sqm. At the same time, there was a clear in­crease in In­dian trade vis­i­tors, ris­ing from 703 in 2014 to 945 in 2017.

What caught the at­ten­tion of the vis­i­tors from the In­dian re­tail in­dus­try, was the high­light on in­no­va­tion in re­tail, digi­ti­sa­tion and its ap­pli­ca­tion in the In­dian re­tail sce­nario.

For Na­gen­dra Pratap Singh, Head Re­tail De­sign, Ray­mond, EuroShop 2017 was an ex­hil­a­rat­ing ex­pe­ri­ence and show­case. “What ex­cited me was beau­ti­ful light­ing so­lu­tions done by in­no­va­tive man­u­fac­tur­ers. There was great fo­cus on cre­at­ing prod­uct and re­tail ex­pe­ri­ence ap­pro­pri­ate lights that are smart and pro­gram­mable. En­abling sooth­ing en­vi­ron­ment in any given re­tail space. Sec­ond key at­trac­tion for me at EuroShop was ex­ten­sive smart tech­nol­ogy that can be ap­plied in large for­mat re­tail spa­ces that track cus­tomers, in­ter­act with them and en­gage them phys­i­cally and vir­tu­ally,” he adds.

As for Akash Ku­mar, VM Head, Life­style, the fact that EuroShop is held once in 3 years, makes it very in­trigu­ing for both ex­hibitors and vis­i­tors. “Some of the trends pro­jected in the pre­vi­ous fair did not stand ground while some oth­ers have come out stronger. We had a di­verse rep­re­sen­ta­tion from Life­style who was able to ap­pre­ci­ate and eval­u­ate - re­tail tech­nolo­gies, mar­ket­ing POS and vis­ual merchandising trends/ so­lu­tions. What stood out for me most was that most large play­ers were fo­cus­ing on Omni-chan­nel rep­re­sen­ta­tion. From

de­sign and ar­chi­tec­ture firms, to tech­nol­ogy part­ners and lo­gis­tics play­ers every­one was fo­cus­ing on serv­ing clients across spec­trum of off­line and on­line. Re­tail an­a­lyt­ics was another buzz word in the fair.” Akash ex­plains that as for VM, they spot­ted the grow­ing trend of in­cor­po­rat­ing cus­tom man­nequins, use of dig­i­tal and ki­net­ics. “While lead­ing sports brands have used them be­fore, it will be in­ter­est­ing to see if the tech­nol­ogy be­comes more af­ford­able and ac­ces­si­ble for us.”

Ga­j­pal Rathore, VM & Projects, BTLBD (Gant, Nau­tica, Aéro­postale- In­dia), felt that the event was in­ter­est­ing not only for vis­ual mer­chan­dis­ers or re­tail projects but every­one who is from re­tail back­ground and want to know how cus­tomers can be im­pacted in a bet­ter way. “The ex­po­sure one gets through such a global plat­form is worth in all aspects. But, the chal­lenge came in deal­ing with the par­tic­i­pat­ing ven­dors at EuroShop, as most of them don’t have set up or col­lab­o­ra­tion in In­dia as yet. Hence even if their prod­ucts or ser­vices are worth uti­liz­ing, their im­port cost left too much to cover up in mak­ing those fea­si­ble for us. I hope that with In­dian gov­ern­ment’s ini­tia­tives like ‘ make in In­dia’ and lure of boom­ing In­dian mar­ket we will see more in­ter­na­tion­ally ac­claimed prod­uct/ser­vice providers in In­dia soon. With EuroShop join­ing hands with In-Store Asia, we hope to see them par­tic­i­pat­ing very ac­tively in or­gan­is­ing In-Store Asia event this year. These ef­forts may give some di­rec­tion to in­ter­na­tional ven­dors to set up shop in In­dia, while hint­ing at In­dian ven­dors to be­come more com­pet­i­tive in all aspects,” he shares.

De­sign Com­mu­nity Shyam Sun­der, Founder & MD, Four Di­men­sions Re­tail De­sign In­dia

“We were quiet ex­cited by the progress in tech­nol­ogy in fix­tures which had largely brought out “Shelf & Self” light­ing in­cor­po­rated as part of fix­tures. Also the new tech­nol­ogy to in­cor­po­rate ret­ro­spec­tively into fix­tures was a big wel­come progress.

Light­ing too saw quiet a pos­i­tive move with LED lights be­com­ing smaller and more ef­fi­cient with also in­cor­po­rat­ing higher wattage and a lso flex­i­bil­ity to host var­i­ous colour tem­per­a­tures based on ones de­sign re­quire­ments. On the tech­nol­ogy side, great progress in dig­i­tal com­mu­ni­ca­tions in a re­tail store was seen with cen­trally con­trolled shelf talk­ers to cre­at­ing great ex­pe­ri­ences to cus­tomers us­ing 3D holo­gram tech­nol­ogy and also progress in en­gage­ment ex­pe­ri­ences us­ing tech­nolo­gies like RFID, QR code, vir­tual mir­rors, Pho­to­graphic prod­uct scan­ners etc. De­vel­op­ments like translu­cent vinyl floors with dig­i­tal pan­els be­low for floor level com­mu­ni­ca­tion in the store was a very dra­matic & en­thralling.” San­jay Agar­wal, MD, FRDC

“White tech­nol­ogy was a key cat­a­lyst across all cat­e­gories of re­tail dis­play, and so­lu­tions equally where ap­proach and ap­pli­ca­tion of tech­nolo­gies were de­signed keep­ing cus­tomer in mind.

Be­gin­ners in the re­tail de­sign field could eas­ily un­der­stand the fu­ture and for pro­fes­sion­als it showed vi­sion, while for re­tail­ers they could see and vi­su­alise path of suc­cess in time to come. From shelf level touch points to store level ex­pe­ri­ence cre­ators, at each point of cus­tomer jour­ney the di­a­logue be­tween store and cus­tomers will be key in fu­ture and that is what one could see at var­i­ous levels and forms at this Euroshop. From store en­trance, man­nequins, win­dow dis­plays, in­side dis­plays, fix­tures, trial rooms, wait­ing ar­eas, to cash ar­eas and even back of house, the prod­ucts showed how smart us­age of tech­no­log­i­cal driven so­lu­tions make cus­tomer feel good and re­tailer happy. Other key high­light was to see how cus­tomi­sa­tion and per­son­li­sa­tion will im­pact us­age of cur­rent ma­te­ri­als. Floor­ing, ceil­ing and wall sys­tems are all un­der trans­for­ma­tion and fu­ture lies in Smart ma­te­ri­als which re­spond to de­signer and re­tailer needs. At store ser­vice level, us­age of Bots or Robots may not only el­e­vate ser­vice levels at store but al­low store staff to do bet­ter jobs at store.”

In­crease in In­dian trade vis­i­tors, ris­ing from 703 in 2014 to 945 in 2017

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