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Re­tail trends across the world are clearly in­di­cat­ing that about 90% of shop­ping still hap­pens in phys­i­cal stores. Also 98% of Gen Z shop in phys­i­cal stores and 67% of them say that they ‘shop in store most of the time’. Won­der why? It’s be­cause phys­i­cal re­tail can de­liver ex­pe­ri­ences that on­line can’t and one of the key as­pect of this is emo­tions and de­sign plays a sig­nif­i­cant role in de­liv­er­ing emo­tive con­nec­tion of the brand with the con­sumer. De­sign­ing with lo­cal / re­gional, déjà vu im­pres­sion­ism and so­cial sen­si­bil­i­ties has be­come a ne­ces­sity of re­tail de­sign to­day to ap­peal to, ac­quire and re­tain the cus­tomer of to­day. Dig­i­ti­za­tion is be­ing used to of­fer mean­ing­ful sup­port to this as a pow­er­ful dy­namic medium.

The trends ar­ti­cle shows how cus­tomers are so­cial an­i­mals and trust the emo­tive data, of­fered in the phe­nom­e­non of ‘so­cial proof­ing’ to prospec­tive buy­ers, from users more than in­for­ma­tion from the brand, to make in­formed de­ci­sions. This strength­ens the the­ory of ‘heart over head’ be­ing a big in­flu­encer in re­tail ex­pe­ri­ence de­sign.

This In­dian de­sign sec­tion fea­tures four de­sign con­cepts that put the ‘heart over the head’. The In­dian de­sign has two con­cepts based on Moroc­can cul­ture, one of that of Ben­gal and one on the her­itage of Hy­der­abad. The win­dow dis­play con­cepts clearly in­di­cate a global trend of the brand talk­ing to the cus­tomer in one voice across dif­fer­ent chan­nels lead by brand mar­ket­ing that sets the strat­egy and con­cept for cus­tomer con­nect.

The In­dus­try spe­cial puts the spot­light on the Sig­nage In­dus­try which has kept in step in growth with that of the re­tail in­dusty by de­liv­er­ing global qual­ity in of­fer­ing so­lu­tions to brand and re­tail­ers to de­liv­ery brand talk­ing points through vi­su­als and copy at phys­i­cal stores. The re­tail talk sec­tion fea­tures two in­spir­ing In­dian suc­cess sto­ries, one from brand Wood­lands, and the other from a light­ing spe­cial­ist com­pany, Fo­cus light­ing.

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