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Boast­ing of the best Chikan- em­broi­dered wear, Vinod Ku­mar Pun­jabi opened ADA show­room in 2005 be­fore which the com­pany was ma­jorly into whole­sale busi­ness. “While most of the Chikan items be­ing re­tailed in Lucknow was run of the mill stock, the very fine em­broi­dery were only avail­able in few hands so ADA de­cided to cater to elite and to the masses,” ex­plains Haider Ali Khan. What’s more, ADA is an ini­tia­tive for the up­lift­ment for women as this art is done 100 per­cent by women. ADA’s man­u­fac­tur­ing units are scat­tered in dif­fer­ent vil­lages within a ra­dius of 100kms. The brand has the largest on­line chikan store in the world by the name of The prod­uct in ADA ranges from 500 INR to 6 lakh for both men and women. Their clien­tele are mostly re­peat cus­tomers from cities across In­dia.

ADA show­room is spread over 3500 sqft of space, that’s con­cep­tu­alised and de­signed by Vinod Pun­jabi and Haider Ali Khan. They have cho­sen ar­chi­tec­tural de­signs from var­i­ous mon­u­ments from Lucknow to give the store a feel of the city. The am­bi­ence of ADA is very taste­fully done, where mu­sic in the back­ground is also hand­picked ghaz­als. There was no ar­chi­tect or in­te­rior de­sign­ers hired for the de­sign­ing of the store but they did em­ploy drafts­men and car­pen­ters from Ja­gan­nath Puri & Bhu­vnesh­war as its known for wooden kari­gari. The floor­ing is sourced from Ka­jaria tiles and it gives the feel of an old mon­u­ment. Every el­e­ment is from Ya­timka­han, Idgah, Naubatka­han, there are mul­ti­ple mon­u­ments that one can see at ADA show­room. The carv­ing is done by ar­ti­sans of an­cient Lucknow era.

“Our aim is to take this Chikan Art to in­fi­nite heights,” says Haider Ali Khan.l

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