Quick Stats on In­dia Cy­ber Se­cu­rity

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•In In­DIA, Cy­BEr­CrImEs ArE on tHE rIsE wItH 50% In­CrEAsE ovEr tHE pAst FIvE yEArs AnD ABout 9,622 In­CI­DEnts wErE rE­portED In tHE yEAr 2014. •Out of this, max­i­mum in­ci­dents of cy­ber­crimes were re­ported from Ma­ha­rash­tra about 19% fol­lowed by Ut­tar Pradesh (18.1%) and Kar­nataka (10.6%). •In­DIA Is onE oF tHE lEAD­InG vIC­tIms oF Cy­BEr-CrImE AnD tHE Cy­BEr sE­Cu­rIty, As pEr An In­Dus­try rE­port tHE Cy­BEr CrImE Cost Is Es­tI­mAtED At ArounD $218 mIl­lIon. •In­dian cy­ber se­cu­rity firms have cre­ated in­dige­nous prod­ucts to ad­dress ris­ing cy­berthreats, but with lim­ited suc­cess. Cy­ber threats can be de­fined as ma­li­cious in­tru­sions into cy­ber net­works us­ing vi­cious codes in­clud­ing viruses, worms, spy­ware, and mal­ware. •AC­CorD­InG to A SE­Cu­rIty RE­sEArCH FIrm, tHE HIGH­Est rAtEs oF Cy­BEr­CrImEs ArE FounD In Ar­EAs wItH un­In­tEr­ruptED In­tEr­nEt Con­nEC­tIv­Ity In In­DIA. •An in­crease in the num­ber of cy­ber at­tacks on In­dian com­puter net­works in the last three years has com­pelled the gov­ern­ment to adopt a multi-pronged strat­egy to se­cure dat­a­cen­ters, and deal with emer­gency sit­u­a­tions. •THE Gov­Ern­mEnt HAs IDEn­tI­FIED A lIst oF CrIt­I­CAl Com­putEr In­FrA­struC­turE wHICH nEEDs spE­CIAl pro­tEC­tIon AGAInst Cy­BEr At­tACks tHIs In­CluDEs nA­tIonAl sE­Cu­rIty, DE­FEnCE, HEAltH­CArE, BAnks, stoCk mAr­kEts, powEr GrIDs, rAIl­wAys AnD AIr­lInEs, wEAtHEr AnD mAny otH­Ers. •The ris­ing vol­ume and so­phis­ti­ca­tion of cy­ber threats–in­clud­ing tar­get­ing phish­ing scams, data theft, and other on­line vul­ner­a­bil­i­ties de­mand that we re­main vig­i­lant about se­cur­ing our sys­tems and in­for­ma­tion.

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