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Along with fre­quent miz­zles and vel­vety breeze, mon­soon brings an ar­dour with it. Styling up your­self is a must to look as pleas­ing as the weather out­side. Play­ing and ex­per­i­ment­ing with hair is a lady’s first love.

No need to go an ex­tra mile for that per­fect look, this mon­soon gives you a chance to chill out by be­ing sim­ple and stylish!

Top knot

The most fol­lowed trend the of the year is top knot. The ver­sa­til­ity of this hair-do is it un­par­al­leled as is a yes for straight hair, wavy hair, even da­m­aged bouncy hair and just long hair, it is hair! Short or Hold rub­ber band! a mat­ter of a tie a pony­tail, your hair up tight, tail round your take the pony there you go. rub­ber band and hyped ‘messy Not miss­ing the mem­ber of top bun’ a fam­ily you don’t knots is some­thing try, it just even have to has be­come so hap­pens. Styling ready to have easy with these well with hot looks, go­ing al­most ev­ery­thing! goes This hair­style for­mals as well ef­fort­lessly with well with In­dian as as in­for­mals, as Western!

Go what­ever! Go wavy!

In such weather, where your hair would any­how end up like some­thing you did not want, it is safe to some­times go wavy and sim­ple with your hair. Nat­u­ral waves are no less than a bless­ing to a few girls but oth­ers too can get them eas­ily with a curler.

You can also have nat­u­ral waves or curls at home. All you need to do is tie your hair into a braid and keep it tight overnight. Next morn­ing un­braid your hair into beau­ti­ful waves with­out even dam­ag­ing your hair!

Braid your­self up

In such wet weather, women avoid keep­ing open hair and rather pre­fer a tied and a neat look that makes the hair look pretty and in or­der.

There are nu­mer­ous ways of ty­ing your hair into braids. Try out the French braid or a Dutch braid or a fish­tail one. These coif­fures com­pen­sate for ev­ery­thing and any­thing lack­ing in your look. Even sim­ple sober cloth­ing can be spiced up by braid­ing your hair up.


No girl is ever get­ting over this su­per easy and con­ve­nient way of styling, a pony­tail! If you want to fol­low a sleek and pretty look, you can try looks other than high pony­tails too.

✿ Pon­ty­tails on the neck re­gion, added up by braid­ing the crown area. in

✿ Tie a side pony­tail an accessory along with on the op­po­site side.

✿ Try curl­ing your your hair and tie hair up in a pony­tail.

✿ A beau­ti­ful accessory sim­ple on a pony­tail can do won­ders.

Joy of short hair!

The short-hair trend is con­quer­ing the minds of women these days. The hot avatars of the ladies in pixie cut or the bob cut are un­fold­ing rapidly.

This sea­son gave women full free­dom to play around with their hair­styles and yet look gor­geous in what­ever they carry. We

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