Break-up is no heart-break.

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Deepika Singh was sit­ting in her of­fice and while sip­ping the cof­fee her mind was wan­der­ing in the past. No, she doesn’t want to open that part of her life but like it says when­ever you try to bury some­thing it keeps emerg­ing with full force. It is said that the criss-cross lines in our hands hold our des­tiny, but the sad part is that though they are in our hands, we our­selves do not have any hold on our des­tiny.

Deepika still had some feel­ings for Uday which she could never kill. She al­ways hoped the best for Uday. What­ever hap­pened, Deepika took it as a les­son of life and moved for­ward. Her NGO is run­ning suc­cess­fully

and she is happy with her life. She is get­ting mar­riage pro­pos­als from so many highly ed­u­cated fam­i­lies, just wait­ing for the right time and right part­ner.

Deepika’s par­ents are lawyers and she is the only child and of course ev­ery­thing for them. From her child­hood days she was a happy-go-lucky girl. Beam­ing eyes, soft and lus­cious lips, long, curly black hair, and a petite fig­ure. She is not only beau­ti­ful from out­side but also is a won­der­ful per­son at heart, al­ways ready to help oth­ers, whether friends or strangers.

She loves mak­ing friends and meet­ing and in­ter­act­ing with new peo­ple through al­most all the so­cial sites but ‘Face­book’ is her favourite. She likes trav­el­ling and ex­plor­ing new places, so one can imag­ine that she al­ways keeps her bags ready.

When she was in the fi­nal se­mes­ter of her MBA and after at­tend­ing five con­tin­u­ous lec­tures, Deepika was tired like hell! “Hi, Deepika, want to have some pizza,” her friend in the col­lege Mi­hir called her. “we all are go­ing,” he pointed out some of her class­mates.

“Thanks Mi­hir, please carry on. I am tired and will go home and rest.”

She came home, asked her ser­vant to make some tea for her. She just want to re­lax at that mo­ment. Dressed in a loose white t-shirt and pink shorts, ly­ing on her bed with head­phones in her ears and laptop in her hands, Deepika was re­lax­ing her­self. She was surf­ing In­ter­net with mul­ti­ple tabs open, Face­book, Twit­ter, G-mail, Ya­hoo, Linkedin, etc. Since a typ­i­cal Face­book fan, she was first check­ing her no­ti­fi­ca­tions on Face­book. Along with six no­ti­fi­ca­tions and two mes­sages there was a ‘Friend Re­quest’ too. She clicked it- A pro­file pic­ture of a tall, fair and hand­some guy sit­ting, play­ing pi­ano.

“Uday Sharma , 3 Mu­tual Friends, Stud­ied at Delhi Uni­ver­sity, Works at HCL Lim­ited, Lives in New Delhi” and she ac­cepted the re­quest. Within five min­utes a ping from ‘Uday Sharma’ flashed on her screen, “hi!” she replied back and a typ­i­cal con­ver­sa­tion started off, “how are you” , “was­sup!” , “what do you do” , “where do you put up” and so on. It was a ca­sual 20 min­utes con­ver­sa­tion.

Fi­nal ex­ams were ap­proach­ing and as usual a sea­son of sleep­less nights had be­gun. It has been al­most four hours since she was study­ing con­tin­u­ously. To take a break she opened her Face­book pro­file. There were five friends on­line out of her 635 friends and one of them was Uday Sharma.

Uday- “Hi, still awake?”

Deepika- “Hey! Ex­ams are com­ing, was study­ing... just took some break ! why are you do­ing at this late hours.?”

Uday- “it was a tir­ing day at work... look­ing for a bet­ter job.”

And again a friendly, yet ca­sual con­ver­sa­tion started. Hob­bies, likes, dis­likes, favourite movie, song and so on. The con­ver­sa­tion lasted for some two hours. Both shared some com­mon in­ter­ests. They were fond of dance, mu­sic, watch­ing movies and trav­el­ling. Deepika loved Chi­nese food whereas Uday loved Ital­ian. Uday was much of a cre­ative per­son and loved to play pi­ano. He was sin­gle.

Deepika was en­joy­ing this phase of her life. One day they de­cided to meet. Deepika got so ex­cited. It was her first Dat­ing with Uday. She spent all most 2 hours in front of her cup­board de­cid­ing what to wear! Fi­nally after try­ing so many dresses she de­cided to wear a classy pink colour knee-length dress.

Uday was al­ready wait­ing for her with a bou­quet of tulips in the restau­rant. “You look gor­geous!” “Thanks,” she blushed. After hav­ing some light snacks they went for a nice ro­man­tic walk. Uday gen­tly held her hand. She smiled and blushed. Be­fore leav­ing, Uday asked for a kiss from Deepika, she could not re­sist and they kissed each other. Since it was her first kiss she did not sleep that night and was think­ing about Uday and their meet­ing through­out the night.

Days passed and she was ex­cited with her first in­ter­view with a lead­ing com­pany. She was se­lected along with her friends. Mean­while, Deepika and Uday had come so close to each other that they shared ev­ery­thing with each other from joys to sor­rows, sup­ported each other in all highs and lows of life. One day Uday pro­posed to Deepika. “Will you be my life for whole life?” Deepika’s eyes were filled with spark and love. A tear rolled down from her right eye. She just hugged Uday as tightly as she could.

It was her 24th birth­day and wait­ing for Uday’s call. She knew he has gone out of sta­tion for of­fice work. ‘But even so he can call her.” Her par­ents knew about Uday now and they had no ob­jec­tion. Sud­denly her door­bell rang. As she opened the door she saw Uday stand­ing with a huge bou­quet of red roses, a bot­tle of cham­pagne and a gift in his hands along with some lug­gage. Deepika was stunned! “What a pleas­ant sur­prise!” and she jumped in his arms. “I have left that job.” He said after some­time. “Don’t worry, you will soon get new job. I am al­ways with you,” Deepika said hold­ing his hands.

It was two months since Uday was sit­ting idle and search­ing for job. Uday was out of money. He started tak­ing money from Deepika. When­ever he wanted money, Deepika used to de­posit it in his bank ac­count. Deepika was al­ways there to help him. Fi­nally Deepika de­cided to take help of Nidhi, her best friend from col­lege who got placed as HR man­ager. Nidhi helped her with ar­rang­ing in­ter­view for Uday and pro­vid­ing a good job pro­file for him in her com­pany and thus Uday got his dream job. He got so ex­cited with his new job. Deepika was so happy and re­lieved to see Uday em­ployed. “These days you don’t even call me,” Deepika said to him. “Ya, busy with my new job.” Cou­ple of months passed, Uday got so much in­volved in his work that he stopped pay­ing much at­ten­tion to Deepika and started ig­nor­ing her. Deepika had no idea about the rea­son be­hind this sud­den and dras­tic change in Uday’s be­hav­iour to­wards her. One day she got a mes­sage on Face­book mes­sanger, ‘I am call­ing off the re­la­tion­ship.’

Deepika was taken aback. It was not less than a trauma for her. She had a break­down. Sud­denly all those prom­ises, that love, that care turned fake. She im­me­di­ately called Uday but he dis­con­nected the call. She was not able to sleep for nights and kept call­ing him ev­ery day but ev­ery time she called him, he used to dis­con­nect her call. He mes­saged, ‘Just get lost from my life!’ She came to know that he is liv­ing with her boss who has promised him a big jump in the com­pany. Deepika left her job. “Mom, I want to do some­thing for the poor and needy chil­dren and women. I want to open an NGO so that I can pro­vide them with all the ba­sic needs and ameni­ties and give them a new fam­ily and a new life all to­gether.”

“That is so nice of you to think this way. I am very pleased with your coura­geous de­ci­sion. I am al­ways with you. You should move on. Just un­der­stand Uday was not per­fect for you. He used you only.”

Within a span of two years, her NGO got well es­tab­lished and did out­stand­ingly well. She got new faces in her life. Each and ev­ery per­son in her NGO, whether the chil­dren or women or the staff be­came like a fam­ily to her. Dur­ing this course of time she re­al­ized it is never the end of any­thing. Life moves on.

One day Nidhi called her. “Our com­pany is fac­ing trou­ble due to re­ces­sion and I have been as­signed with the re­spon­si­bil­ity to fire few staff mem­bers and I am go­ing to kick Uday out of the com­pany!”. “No Nidhi, please don’t do this. “You for­got what he did to you?” “No Nidhi, I did not for­get any­thing. See, what­ever hap­pens, hap­pens for the good. Ear­lier I used re­gret for ev­ery­thing that hap­pened, but not now. I take ev­ery­thing as a part of life. Had it not hap­pened, I would have never re­al­ized that there are peo­ple who are in even more mis­er­able con­di­tion and still lead their life with a smile on their face. Leave ev­ery­thing to time. Uday will get what­ever he de­serves and you just leave this mat­ter”. Nidhi un­der­stood what she said and agreed not to sack Uday.

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