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Get­ting jit­ters on the very first day of col­lege? It’s ev­ery fresher’s story!

Switch­ing over to col­lege as soon as you get done with your high school is a re­cast­ing turn in ev­ery stu­dent’s life. Most of us hated school back then. Ob­vi­ously who would like to wake up at 6 am ev­ery morn­ing? But time changes and so does our opin­ion about school. En­ter­ing into col­lege is a whole new feel­ing. You’ve prob­a­bly al­ready won­dered how col­lege will be like. Will it be like home? Will it be fun and ex­cit­ing? Will it be nerve wrack­ing? You en­ter col­lege with count­less thoughts. You do, right?

In terms of meet­ing new peo­ple, it is eas­ier in col­lege than, say, af­ter switch­ing to a new school in the eighth grade. Ev­ery fresh­man is new to the col­lege, so it is a lot less awk­ward to in­tro­duce your­selves. Ev­ery per­son is so dif­fer­ent and unique. You get to learn a lot from them and grasp what­ever qual­i­ties you can. You de­velop your own peer group and like ev­ery stu­dent’s col­lege dream, plan var­i­ous things for each day. At­tend­ing con­certs, par­ties, go­ing to trips, etc be­comes a part of your life, even if it wasn’t in your high school days.

You no more have to set your alarms for each morn­ing, be­cause you usu­ally wake up at the time of your first lec­ture (or when­ever you want!). You sched­ule your day just as you like and have no strict rules to fol­low. It’s like break­ing free from the re­stric­tions that were forced upon you dur­ing your school life. An­other cool thing about this place is that you tend to ex­plore your in­ter­ests and pas­sions, as you get more op­por­tu­ni­ties and ex­po­sure. When col­lege com­mences you may be deal­ing with loads of emo­tional highs and lows prob­a­bly more than you did in high school.


But don’t worry, that’s not new. Ev­ery­one goes through that phase at least once. Be­ing a hu­man is an emo­tional ex­pe­ri­ence. It’s like our body is the host of nu­mer­ous emo­tions like hap­pi­ness, anger, sad­ness and anx­i­ety. Your fresh­man year is def­i­nitely go­ing to make an im­pres­sion on you. You’ll be mak­ing a lot of new con­fi­dants. Just con­tinue to be your­self. Don’t strike a pose or play the role of some­one you’re not. Se­lect your friends with the same care and pa­tience that you have al­ways used. Be­lieve it or not, your col­lege friend­ships will be

among the most sat­is­fy­ing and longterm ones of your life. It’s al­ways ex­cit­ing to dis­cover how won­der­fully di­verse col­lege re­la­tion­ships can be. You will also be your own boss here, all on your own. Don’t go fly­ing off the end of the pier, just en­joy your newly found free­dom. It might be dif­fi­cult for some to adapt them­selves ac­cord­ing to the sur­round­ings, but it is go­ing to be okay. Be strong enough to stand alone, smart enough to know when you need help and brave enough to ask for it.

Look­ing at the brighter side of it, ev­ery day is a new ad­ven­ture af­ter you have been well set­tled into your daily rou­tine. Nev­er­the­less, what to wear and what not to is a task ev­ery morn­ing! Ev­ery­one wants to look smart and pre­sentable. You will al­ways cher­ish the years spent here, it is in­deed a mag­i­cal ex­pe­ri­ence. Those daily munch­ing ses­sions, gos­sip­ing with your friend, stalk­ing pretty girls and hot boys, those blurry drunk nights! From fall­ing asleep in class to putting a lock on left­overs to keep room­mates from raid­ing your shelf in the fridge – It’s a com­plete roller­coaster ride.

At times you may not un­der­stand what is hap­pen­ing, but still you will en­joy it. Ten years from now, when you will be flip­ping pages of your photo al­bum, you will be over­whelmed for sure. This ex­pe­ri­ence will help you grow as a per­son. You will learn a lot and you will sooner or later be fo­cused on your ca­reer and ul­ti­mate goals. The zeal is surely go­ing to be strong and as you move ahead in life, you will only ex­plore newer things, there will be no end to it.

Reach the pin­na­cles in your lives and make ev­ery­one proud. The wide­spread idea of col­lege life is sel­dom the re­al­ity. The ma­jor­ity of col­lege fresh­men en­ter here pic­tur­ing an easy, fun-filled ride. Well, its not that easy! You not only have to man­age your aca­demics, but your so­cial life as well which is equally im­por­tant at this age. What most young peo­ple are search­ing for is a mean­ing­ful cause. They are over­flow­ing with a blend of adren­a­line and con­fi­dence. Pro­vided the right direc­tions and guid­ance, they can be­come sec­ond to none.

For the fresh­ers who will be join­ing col­lege and for the ones who are al­ready through with their grad­u­a­tion, all the very best! Hope you have a great and mem­o­rable jour­ney! There’s a lot in store wait­ing for you! “Drama, lies, tears Cheers to the teenage years!”


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