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Mov­ing from older places to M newer places for new op­por­tu­ni­ties and bet­ter liv­ing con­di­tions is nowa­days a very com­mon process. Whether it be a new city or state or coun­try, shift­ing re­quires a lot of time and plan­ning. The ac­tions re­quired while plan­ning need to be more ef­fi­cient and ef­fec­tive so that it cre­ates less bur­den on the movers who are shift­ing. To­day, most of the teenagers pur­su­ing cour­ses and train­ings have to go to other places to study. They need to pack and shift with all the nec­es­sary items and should avoid the un­wanted junk items. Some tips will help make the shift­ing and pack­ing process much eas­ier, more ef­fi­cient and most ef­fec­tive.

The very first de­ci­sion is for the time of shift­ing. When you want to shift, mark a date for shift­ing and then start checking for the prices that dif­fer­ent shift­ing com­pa­nies charge.

Dur­ing week­days shift­ing com­pa­nies charge less com­pared to week­ends. The plan­ning can help you in cut­ting down the cost and give you an idea about the time you have for the prepa­ra­tion of pack­ing. Make your own choices as per your suit­abil­ity. Mak­ing a check­list has al­ways been of great help. When you have to pack things up and re­mem­ber­ing about the things you want with you make a check­list of that. Most peo­ple use a check­list while shop­ping for home and kitchen goods.

Hu­man mind can re­mem­ber all the de­tails but when in a sit­u­a­tion where we have to re­mem­ber so many things to take with us, some im­por­tant things can slip. A check­list can be made for fur­ni­ture, house­hold goods, clothes, con­tacts of known peo­ple, to-do-lists, etc.

Pack­ing and shift­ing is not a oneper­son’s job. It re­quires pa­tience, man power and think­ing with a calm mind. And when you think about pack­ing for the shift­ing with your friends’ help, this will surely make you more re­laxed and hap­pier and your load some­where gets lighter.

With friends you feel more en­er­getic and con­nected, so there are less chances of any mishap­pen­ings and things hap­pen in their right place.

We have talked about search­ing for the movers with their rates and cred­i­bil­ity and they are re­li­able or not. Now, it is the time to se­lect the best of them. For find­ing out the best, re­search about the movers, about their costs, re­views by the

cus­tomers and their hid­den costs, etc.

For long-dis­tance mov­ing and shift­ing, you should pre­fer the most re­li­able pack­ers and movers com­pany. Even if it gets a bit costlier but your lug­gage will be shifted safely.

The pack­age counts

De­cid­ing to shift the pack­ages is also im­por­tant. Mov­ing to a nearby city or state should in­clude heavy and bulky items only by the movers, rest you can your­self bring in your own car like tele­vi­sion, mu­sic sys­tem, oven, a/c etc. The less lug­gage you leave with the pack­ers the less, it will cost. With time saved by you be­tween the date of de­cid­ing to shift till the shift­ing date you can pack the small items like TV, books, clothes, uten­sils, etc on your own in car­tons and leave the big­ger items for the pack­ers. This makes the mov­ing much more eco­nom­i­cal than get­ting all packed by the pack­ers. You can get car­tons eas­ily from the nearby shop­keep­ers. So ask them in­stead of pur­chas­ing new car­tons. La­belling them af­ter pack­ing helps a lot at the time of un­pack­ing.

Clean up the junk

While pack­ing we should only keep those things with us which are of use, not the junk which we have ac­cu­mu­lated dur­ing the years with us. The more junk you dis­card the more your pack­ing gets eas­ier.

Some­times you see things which could be of use to some­one else but you don’t find any use for it. So post an ad for that on any on­line sell­ing site or ask friends if they want it. Ma­chiner­ies on web­sites, books to the li­brary and old toys to the or­phan­age helps in mak­ing the pack­ages lighter and pack­ing eas­ier.

Es­sen­tials all to­gether

In dif­fer­ent car­tons pack dif­fer­ent es­sen­tials like in one pack all the uten­sils to­gether, in other pack the books and pa­per stuff, in yet an­other pack the DVDS and other gam­ing CDS. Bi­fur­cate ac­cord­ing to their genre of us­age. This will help to find what is where when you need it.

Safe­guard your docs and or­na­ments

Doc­u­ments, Or­na­ments and lap­top with their chargers needs to be kept safely with only you if pos­si­ble. So, you should keep those pack­ages with you while shift­ing to the other place in the car with the other pack­ages.

Han­dling the elec­tron­ics

Han­dle all the elec­tronic ap­pli­ances with care. A lit­tle mis­take can make you pay a big amount. Also, about the con­nec­tion part recog­nise the type how your elec­tronic ap­pli­ance was con­nected. You can click a pic­ture of that which can help you later on while re­con­nect­ing.

Ad­dress up­date and con­tact with neigh­bours

You must in­form the con­cerned ser­vice au­thor­i­ties about your change in ad­dress at least two to three weeks prior to mov­ing. And also in­form your rel­a­tives and old neigh­bours about your new ad­dress and also when you get into a new place go to your new neigh­bours, in­tro­duce your­self to them and talk to them to make a good re­la­tion in the neigh­bour­hood. They can al­ways come in handy when you need help.


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