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t was 2 am when Mrs Sen got up cough­ing heav­ily. She moved her hand on the ta­ble be­side her bed to hold a glass of water, still feel­ing rest­less she de­cided to take a round in the bal­cony. “What good is it to live here it, af­ter all th­ese years of work, this is the house we get to live in, can’t even get fresh air to breathe, Gov­ern­ment treats its em­ploy­ees like slaves,” mum­bled an an­gry Mrs Sen un­der her breath.

“Anger at this age leads to death my dear wife,” chuck­led Mr Sen as he joint Mrs Sen gaz­ing at the beauty of the night. “What? Did you just call me old? For your in­for­ma­tion, my dear hus­band, you are the one who is get­ting old at an alarm­ing speed, I am still young. It’s just pol­lu­tion and this small apart­ment which makes me rest­less ev­ery time. How many times will I have to tell you to shift in our own house. Th­ese gov­ern­ment quar­ters are like a rat hole. I don’t want my grand­chil­dren to visit us here and suf­fer like we do daily,” added Mrs Sen.” Why do you worry so much, Mrs Sen. I have had a con­ver­sa­tion with the bro­ker he says we just need to give him a list of our re­quire­ments, he will find us a suit­able place soon,” says Mr Sen.

“Then what are we wait­ing for? I am giv­ing a call to Ash­mita and Pari to­mor­row it­self. My daugh­ters will help me in fig­ur­ing out what mod­ern houses look like th­ese days,” ex­claimed a very ex­cited Mrs Sen. “Call their hus­bands too, I need to un­der­stand the loan pro­ce­dure and get the pa­per work done as soon as pos­si­ble, if they come it’ll be a great help for me.” Mrs Sen in­formed her daugh­ters and they dropped by soon.

Ash­mita en­tered the house with a box of son­desh and con­grat­u­lated her mother by hug­ging her. “Maa, I know you have been want­ing this for so long, af­ter so many trans­fers and mov­ing from place to place, fi­nally when we’ve set­tled in Kolkata I guess this is the right time. I am very happy with papa’s de­ci­sion,” says Ash­mita. By the time Pari en­tered with also an­other box of sweets and says, “Papa, Karan had said he’ll meet you af­ter of­fice and dis­cuss the loan pro­cee­dures only then. He will pick you up from your of­fice.” which, Mr Sen left the ladies in the house to dis­cuss on the de­tails of the new home.

Ash­mita started with the lo­ca­tion of the home, “Maa it is very im­por­tant that your new home be near a hospi­tal and in a mar­ket place. You and papa are old and any time you both could need any­thing and it might hap­pen Pari or I aren’t avail­able, so you need to look for a home near a mar­ket place. Also we’d want you guys to live with peo­ple of your age so that you en­joy and don’t get bored. Af­ter papa leaves for work you get bored the en­tire day. So let’s short-list places where al­ready el­ders are liv­ing so that you find com­pany eas­ily. Right, Pari? asked Ash­mita.

“Ab­so­lutely right di, af­ter th­ese two things are sorted, we can think about a sim­ple in­te­rior and a well-lit and ven­ti­lated place. Maa keeps cough­ing due the pol­lu­tion here, we’ll try to see she doesn’t have this prob­lem in the new place. Also, maa and papa’s room should have a gar­den view so that they can have a pleas­ant morn­ing each day, papa loves a nat­u­ral view, said Pari. “Ash­mita sug­gested keep­ing the fur­ni­ture sim­ple but gad­gets handy as Mr and Mrs Sen were old and couldn’t per­form many things. Pari on the other hand rec­om­mended for a English toi­let as Mr Sen suf­fered from back prob­lem.

Af­ter many dis­cus­sions a list was ready to be sent to the bro­ker. Mrs Sen was on cloud nine and her hap­pi­ness knew no lim­its. Af­ter years of ser­vice by Mr Sen for the gov­ern­ment and mov­ing to new quar­ters ev­ery three year, they were fi­nally go­ing to have their own home. Mrs Sen could cher­ish th­ese mo­ments for ever. Af­ter all, with each trans­fer, this was the only wish that grew stronger in her heart and she wanted a home more than any­thing else. A home where her grand­chil­dren could play freely with­out wor­ry­ing about the space and she could in­vite her friends with­out think­ing twice how she man­age so many peo­ple in the small quar­ters. Rel­a­tives could visit them and they were fi­nally go­ing to have a per­ma­nent ad­dress. A home is a happy place in one’s life. From the day we be­come in­de­pen­dent, the first dream that sparkles in our eyes is hav­ing our own house. We

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