There are small touches you can add which will give you the cel­e­bra­tory ap­pear­ance. Use glit­ter on your up­per eye­lids. This adds in­stant glam­our to the face. Sprin­kle a lit­tle sparkle on you cheek­bones and hair too. Pin a fancy jazzy pin or broach on you

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I am 40 years old and my hair is thin­ning alarm­ingly. My pony tail is look­ing more like a rat’s tail. Help!

Thin­ning hair is a very emo­tive sub­ject. Ex­perts aver that the causes are mostly ge­netic and the con­di­tion wors­ens near menopause when the fe­male hor­mones drop dras­ti­cally. Some­times, even con­tra­cep­tive pills in­duce hair thin­ning. Do a blood test. A lack of vi­ta­min B 12 or iron, for in­stance can lead to this prob­lem. Stress can be an­other cause, or an un­der­ac­tive thy­roid.

Af­ter in­ves­ti­ga­tions, a clinic can rec­om­mend med­i­ca­tion to block male hor­mones and some top­i­cal drops to ap­ply on the scalp to en­cour­age new hair growth.

Have a healthy diet of fresh fruits and veg­eta­bles. Add zinc to your menu as well. All this will go a long way in giv­ing you back a good head of healthy hair.

Please tell me how to make my lip­stick last. By the end of a cou­ple of hours, it all goes away! What am I do­ing wrong? I want it to last all day.

Many of us feel that just ap­ply­ing lip­stick on the lips is all there is to it. But beauty-con­scious women know the right tech­nique to keep their lips look­ing great all through the day. Here are a few tips to help.

Ex­fo­li­ate your lips with a lit­tle honey and sugar gran­ules to re­move dead cells, at least once a week.

Be­fore ap­ply­ing lip­stick, ap­ply a lit­tle lip balm to mois­turise lips.

Use a li­pliner to out­line your lip con­tours the way you want them.

Fill in with lip­stick or colour thor­oughly. Blot. Pow­der. Reap­ply the colour. Use a con­cealer as a fi­nal coat. Voila! You will have the lus­cious lips all day long.

My brows are thin. Please ad­vise how I can make them thick and lush as quickly as pos­si­ble.

There is no magic for­mula to give you in­stant thick brows. In fact, you should wait for at least 3 to 4 months for vis­i­ble re­sults. Are your brows nat­u­rally thin or have you over-plucked th­ese?

If nat­u­ral, it is not pos­si­ble to thicken them. You should take re­course to eye­brow pen­cils or even tat­too­ing to give the ap­pear­ance of lush­ness. If you have over-plucked the brow hairs, there is hope for you. Stop pluck­ing and thread­ing right­away. Mas­sage in a drop of pure cas­tor oil into each brow at night. There are spe­cial hair- grow­ing serums you can get in beauty prod­uct shops which help to ac­cel­er­ate growth of hair. Use th­ese.

Once your brow hairs have reap­peared, to give th­ese shape, pluck ju­di­ciously un­der the brow to get the re­quired arch – never on the top. The high­est point of the brow should be above the mid­dle of your iris.

You can get hairs rooted into your brows with a cos­metic sur­geon, but this is a costly pro­ce­dure and the re­sults are not guar­an­teed.

Now that win­ter is com­ing, I will be plagued by dry, de­hy­drated fa­cial skin. Please tell me how to tackle this prob­lem. I am a 28-year-old liv­ing in Delhi.

Delhi in win­ter is very cold and en­joy­able but the weather tends to be dry af­fect­ing our body skin se­verely – un­less we take proper pre­cau­tions.

Even be­fore the chill sets in, use thick lay­ers of mois­ture- boost­ing creams. This will coun­ter­mand the ef­fects of cen­tral heat­ing sys­tems, winds and the ul­tra­vi­o­let rays of the sun. Use a rich mois­turiser at night which will give max­i­mum re­hy­dra­tion,

and choose skin bar­rier creams which con­tain humec­tants which are water-bind­ing ingredients. One of th­ese is hyaluronic acid found in fillers and skin serums. This gives in­stant plump­ing and soft­ness to dry, wrinkly skin. Use col­la­gen- en­hanc­ing prod­ucts which con­tain pep­tides.

Avoid over-wash­ing face. Use face washes which do not have harsh con­tents and are soap-free. Avoid pow­ders.

We have sud­den, im­promptu of­fice par­ties thrown af­ter work hours. Al­though all of us are in our work clothes, I would like to present a par­ty­ish look when I go down for it. I do wash my face and tend my make-up. What else can I do?

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