Is it a sex­ual urge?

Woman's Era - - Short Story - By T. Ra­jagopalan

Klep­to­ma­nia is de­fined by the dic­tio­nary as an ir­ri­ta­ble urge to steal when not ac­com­pa­nied by an eco­nomic mo­tive or de­sire for fi­nan­cial gain. It’s said to be ow­ing to an un­grat­i­fied sex­ual de­sire ac­cord­ing to a pha­lanx of sex­ol­o­gists who have been in­ves­ti­gat­ing the prob­lem to klep­to­ma­nia. Among them sex­ol­o­gists of renown from the US, Drs Con­tempt, Duboi­son and Le­tulle. Per­haps the great­est amount of light on this sub­ject has been done by the late Dr Wil­helm Shekel. It was his firm be­lief that the root of klep­to­ma­ni­acs does not recog­nise the sex­ual char­ac­ter of their deeds. The fetishists are aware that they steal for sex­ual rea­sons; but klep­to­ma­niac is not wholly aware of the sex­ual na­ture of his or her con­duct.

Dur­ing the act of steal­ing the klep­to­ma­niac ex­pe­ri­ences emo­tion like those of sex­ual ex­cite­ment; ex­cite­ment, a state of ex­pectancy, anx­i­ety or dread and fi­nally, re­lease of ten­sion. In most cases the orgasm is lack­ing. Only in cases in which anx­i­ety is ca­pa­ble of lead­ing to a cli­max does the orgasm oc­cur.

The klep­to­ma­niac car­ries out his or her thefts in a more or less drowsy state, un­der the in­flu­ence of im­pul­sive urge. This per­son feels im­pelled to take hold of some­thing for­bid­den. His or her stolen ar­ti­cles are usu­ally en­dowed with mys­tic value, usu­ally of a sex­ual na­ture known only to that per­son.

On 21 March 2017, one Abu Taleem of Bengaluru was seen wearing women’s un­der­wear in a CCTV grab from the premises of the Ma­ha­rani women’s Col­lege hos­tel in Bengaluru.

The com­plaint lodged by the in­mates with the hos­tel that a man loi­ter­ing around half-naked on the hos­tel premises with the war­den Su­mi­tra Devi. One com­plaint filed in Septem­ber 2016 with the war­den who in turn com­plained about this to the po­lice but no ac­tion was taken by the po­lice who ex­cused them­selves say­ing they were busy at that time ow­ing to the erup­tion of the Cau­veri water dis­pute. The case got mo­men­tum af­ter the mem­bers of the leg­is­la­ture of House Com­mit­tee on Pre­ven­tion of Sex­ual As­sault Against Women and Chil­dren headed by MLC V.S. Ugrappa vis­ited the hos­tel and went through the CCTV footage that dis­played the man walk­ing around the hos­tel cam­pus in women’s un­der­wear. The leg­is­la­tor lost no time in tak­ing ac­tion to find the ma­niac, doubt­less a klep­to­ma­niac.

Swastika Mukher­jee, the beau­ti­ful Ben­gali ac­tress, some time ago went to Sin­ga­pore along with her boyfriend Su­man Mukher­jee, a na­tional award win­ning ac­tor, to at­tend the Darpan film fes­ti­val. Af­ter the event, she went to a jewellery shop where she was al­legedly caught sho­plift­ing ear­rings. She cer­tainly would be

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