Fast-track to­tal Knee Re­place­ment Surgery


Woman's Era - - Short Story -

The knee joint is among the strong­est, largest and most com­plex joint of the body. Healthy knees have given us a fun­da­men­tal right of pain-free move­ments through­out our life. But once these knees be­come arthritic, all these ac­tiv­i­ties get re­stricted and this is when one re­al­izes how im­por­tant ‘FREE­DOM FROM PAINFUL MOVE­MENT FOR LIFE’ re­ally is.

In­abil­ity to per­form rou­tine ac­tiv­i­ties ( like go­ing to wash­room, bath, chang­ing clothes etc.) with­out pain and dif­fi­culty, not only adds to frus­tra­tion and help­less­ness in el­derly peo­ple but en­tan­gles them in a vi­cious cir­cle of de­pres­sion and make them so­cial out­cast con­fined within the bound­aries of their home.

Hence, it is in­creas­ingly im­por­tant that we “Age grace­fully”, which means add ‘LIFE TO YEARS’ rather than ‘YEARS TO LIFE’.

Like car­diac stents and by­pass surgery, like cataract surgery & lens re­place­ment to­tal knee re­place­ment surgery has come as a boon in the lives

‘ reser­voir of os­teoarthri­tis of knee joints’.

‘Fast-track to­tal knee re­place­ment surgery pro­to­cols’

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