Women Should be Parked at home!

Woman's Era - - Short Story - By Jyothirl­lata Gir­ija

Park women at home!” Kodela Si­vaprasada Rao, the speaker from Vijayawada, re­marked thus re­cently, on the sub­ject of women’s safety. At the meet­ing ar­ranged to in­form the me­dia about the ar­range­ments made for the Na­tional Women’s Parliament, Mr Rao had added that crimes against women wouldn’t hap­pen if they were parked at home like cars. He went on to say, “If a car is parked at home, ac­ci­dents can be avoided. To­day, women are ex­posed to so­ci­ety and this in­creases the chances of rape, ha­rass­ment, etc... If they don’t leave home, all of this can be avoided.” As ex­pected, these re­marks sparked ve­he­ment crit­i­cism and women con­demned them out­right.

This made me re­call a funny in­ci­dent that hap­pened when I was work­ing as se­nior P.A. to the postmaster-gen­eral, Chen­nai, long ago. One day, know­ing I’d be some­what free due to my boss be­ing on tour, a male em­ployee of our of­fice en­tered my room af­ter seek­ing per­mis­sion for a small chat with me on a so­cial is­sue. I just knew him as a clerk in our of­fice and he was not a close as­so­ciate. He was just a col­league who ex­changed “good morn­ing” when­ever we chanced to meet in the cor­ri­dors of the of­fice. So, I won­dered about the topic he wanted to talk to me.

Af­ter tak­ing his seat op­po­site, he started with this pro­logue: “Madam, I know quite well you won’t rel­ish what I am go­ing to talk now as you’re known to be a staunch fem­i­nist. Yet I think, be­ing a writer, you’ll wel­come a dif­fer­ence of opin­ion, though you may not ac­cept it.” Greatly in­trigued, I re­quested him to pro­ceed and he con­tin­ued af­ter clear­ing his throat: “Women have started com­ing out of homes in huge num­bers and are com­pet­ing with men in many a field. Be­sides snatch­ing the job op­por­tu­ni­ties of men, they cause nu­mer­ous other harms to so­ci­ety, apart from harm­ing them­selves. At times even mar­ried men fall in love with other women which cause do­mes­tic as well as so­ci­etal prob­lems. So, I would re­quest you to think about all these as well and write sto­ries and ar­ti­cles about this as­pect also.”

Swal­low­ing my ir­ri­ta­tion, I said: “How do you think that this prob­lem could be solved? Don’t you know do­ing some work and earn­ing

is the fun­da­men­tal right of ev­ery­one in the coun­try? Girls work in of­fices not to while away their time. They too earn for their fam­i­lies where the fa­ther is a drunk­ard not car­ing for the fam­ily, or is ei­ther bedrid­den or is no more…”


Con­ve­niently evad­ing an an­swer, he con­tin­ued: “Do you know, nu­mer­ous love mar­riages have taken place in this of­fice? The em­ploy­ees who fall in love while away their of­fice time in chitchat­ting and writ­ing love let­ters to one an­other dur­ing of­fice hours. This is an­other nui­sance. So, af­ter deep anal­y­sis of the pros and cons, one’s con­sid­ered opin­ion should be that girls should be at home. My sug­ges­tion is re­cruit­ment of girls should be stopped forth­with.”

“Yes. You’re right. So far as dis­trac­tion is con­cerned, I agree with you. If both men and women work to­gether, as you say, of­fice work is hin­dered. So, I fully agree that men and women should not work to­gether. To stop that, there is a way out!” I said and smiled.

He was taken aback and I con­tin­ued: “For that re­cruit­ment of males can be stopped forth­with and all the work­places could be wom­an­ised. As you say, af­ter re­tire­ment of the ex­ist­ing males, women could be re­cruited in­stead and men could be at home!” He red­dened and got out of my room and I couldn’t

check my laugh­ter. Af­ter that even stopped wish­ing me “good morn­ing” when­ever we met! We

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