Be­ing SIN­GLE in the 20s in this Era

Self dis­cov­ery.

Woman's Era - - Short Story - By Swarima Verma

Ev­ery­one, no doubt needs a com­pan­ion to share the stuff go­ing on in one's life and one's mind, to have some­one to care. But to­day this gen­er­a­tion finds it ex­tremely hard to sur­vive with­out such com­pan­ion cer­tainly be­cause some find it dif­fi­cult to ac­tu­ally PASS THEIR TIME with­out such a mate. Some find it bor­ing to be alone, some for their phys­i­cal needs, some find it even Shame­ful to have the tag of Be­ing Sin­gle while all the other peers in she group are com­mit­ted. And of course there are those ex­cep­tions who ac­tu­ally have found the love of their lives and they are there with their part­ners be­cause they are meant to be there. Then there are those who are at con­flict with them­selves about what ac­tu­ally they should do... Stick to the voice in­side which says. Hold on.. dont just go for any­body for the sake of be­ing with some­one ..or ..go by the rule which ev­ery­body is fol­low­ing which is ac­tu­ally to not go by any rule and just en­joy what­ever it takes to... Well that may seem right if we fo­cus on YOLO you only live once. But how do we for­get that, yes, we only live for once and we should at least be fair and hon­est to our­selves in the mat­ter of choices we make.

So in this mod­ern world, we have the power to de­fine and even re­de­fine cer­tain things.. For in­stance, the choice of be­ing sin­gle. Be­ing sin­gle does not mean you are alone and sin­gle.. but it means var­i­ous other things.

You be­come In­de­pen­dent to a great ex­tent

And when I say In­de­pen­dent it means a lot more than do­ing your work all by your­self. It means you be­come in­de­pen­dent in han­dling, man­ag­ing and tak­ing care of your­self on your own. You learn to man­age all your feel­ings by your own, learn to love your­self be­fore any­body else.

Your friend­ship bonds be­come your strength

Yes – be­cause your time is spent with all of your friends. Your out­ings, shop­pings, lunch dates are with your friends. All your deep con­ver­sa­tions about love, life, hap­pi­ness, sor­rows are shared with your friends. They be­come your life. And these bonds you form be­come un­break­able. They are life­long.

You be­come more con­scious about your goals

Be­ing sin­gle makes you be­come more fo­cused. You un­der­stand the im­por­tance your ca­reer is, how im­por­tant your goals and the hard work you need to put in. And you have enough time to de­vote to your goals.

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