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Women are blessed with ut­most con­fi­dence, great pa­tience, and im­mense abil­ity to stand firm in all ad­verse sit­u­a­tions, mainly those liv­ing in a male-dom­i­nated so­ci­ety. How­ever, when it comes to the fam­ily she does not hold only the fam­ily smartly but makes the most com­pli­cated things easy.

You can give ev­ery­thing to a woman but she could be un­happy and rea­sons may be many. How­ever, if you view things closely then you will re­alise that get­ting hap­pi­ness is not as hard as you of­ten think. Let’s dis­cuss.


There was a time when In­dia had a joint-fam­ily cul­ture. Hence women had less bur­den on their shoul­ders. But to­day’s new trend is to keep a small fam­ily and sep­a­rate liv­ing has given free­dom to women. Yes it has bound them with more in­di­vid­ual pres­sure be­cause both men and women are work­ing and kids go to school and they un­for­tu­nately spend their re­main­ing time in day care cen­tres. This is why the need arises to spend some time with your fam­ily and it be­comes indispensable when you live sep­a­rate and get less time to meet your whole fam­ily. But fam­ily is after all fam­ily. So spend­ing time with fam­ily def­i­nitely makes you for­get your pres­sure, pain and wor­ries!


Your fam­ily is the clos­est bevy of peo­ple who can tackle your prob­lems and re­solve all is­sues be­cause no one knows you bet­ter than them.

Don’t cry

Some­times you think or be­lieve that the is­sue(s)/ prob­lems you are fac­ing have no so­lu­tion hence you cry. But pon­der over it be­cause there is no prob­lem in this world which doesn’t have any so­lu­tion. If you are con­fused or anx­ious con­verse with your hus­band or whom you trust. But cry­ing is not at all a so­lu­tion of your wor­ries.


Anx­i­ety en­hances pres­sure on the mind and di­min­ishes your con­fi­dence level and you won­der many times how to get rid of it.

Friends and rel­a­tives

To­day, ev­ery sec­ond per­son in In­dia is very close to his friend in­stead of their rel­a­tives! But some peo­ple feel the re­verse of this. How­ever, in the time of predica­ment con­vers­ing with your friend or rel­a­tives this will re­duce your men­tal pres­sure and you shall feel bet­ter. In fact women are more talk­a­tive by na­ture and they know how to di­min­ish the pres­sure. So fond friends and rel­a­tives who are ca­pa­ble of fetch­ing smiles on your face.


It’s our na­ture which de­cides that who is bet­ter for us so keep a healthy rap­port with your friend(s) and rel­a­tive.

Be happy with small things

Some­times you get un­happy be­cause you have some­thing but not what you had ex­pected. For ex­am­ple- you have and LED TV of 32 inches but you want a home the­atre. Such think­ing puts you in an im­mense un­rest mode but stay happy with things which you have now and be­lieve that one day you will buy it.


It’s your men­tal state or peace of mind which only could give you real sat­is­fac­tion.

Spend qual­ity time with kids

The most neg­a­tive or dis­cour­ag­ing fac­tor of be­ing liv­ing separately is that you hardly get time to spend with your kid(s) and be­ing a work­ing woman you only get Sun­days to do all pend­ing work. Mean­while you have to spend qual­ity time with your lit­tle champs. Be­cause day care cen­tres only keep them up to spec­i­fied time pe­ri­ods but they want true love from their mother, so a few mo­ments spent with your won­der­ful kids will re­fresh you.


Kids are pre­cious and think about those cou­ples who aren’t blessed with kids. It means you are very for­tu­nate that you are with kid(s) so you can feel proud on that.


Never com­pare your­self with oth­ers

Ev­ery­one has some­thing which can­not be of­fered or given to oth­ers. Then there is no need to be de­jected and never com­pare your­self with oth­ers. It al­ways gives you pain and you will get un­easi­ness.


Think about it. What do you have it? And do oth­ers have? You will be glad once you get ap­pro­pri­ate the an­swer of this ques­tion.

Don’t al­low peo­ple to in­vade

When some­thing is go­ing neg­a­tive in your fam­ily – your rap­port with your hus­band, brother, sis­ter or mother are sour­ing – and dur­ing this crit­i­cal time you tell the en­tire story to your neigh­bour(s). Then what most likely hap­pens is that they may re­alise some ben­e­fits out of it and di­rectly or in­di­rectly in­vade your pri­vacy. Be­cause you al­low them to do so. It would be bet­ter for you to keep pa­tience, con­verse with per­son with whom you have a bit­ter re­la­tion­ship and give your­self some time so that things can be re­solved.


Out­siders take ad­van­tage of your prob­lems, so never dis­close or share your woes with those you don’t know or trust.

Don’t be Jeal­ous

Please don’t take it per­son­ally but it’s a fact that women are more jeal­ous than men. They may be get­ting jeal­ous on triv­ial mat­ters such as a neigh­bour brought a more beau­ti­ful sari, she has a more ex­pen­sive neck­lace or she looks more beau­ti­ful in jeans and T-shirt she cooks bet­ter, and list is too long….


Jeal­ousy is toxic and if you suf­fer from this, then this will harm you in­ter­nally, so don’t be jeal­ous. Be happy with what you have!

See oth­ers

You are de­jected and get jeal­ous de­spite of know­ing what you have! A fine ex­am­ple to un­der­stand it more clearly. You are stand­ing in a queue which con­sists of 10 peo­ple your no. is 5. Now you think that four peo­ple are ahead of you but have you ever re­alised that there are four peo­ple who stand be­hind you!


The moral of the story is that you are un­happy that you visit to a restau­rant hardly once in two months but think about those poor peo­ple who get food once in two days, are you get­ting my point?

Al­ways think pos­i­tive

Be pos­i­tive in life. This will keep you con­fi­dent and what­ever be the sit­u­a­tion dis­ap­point­ment will surely not knock your mind be­cause pos­i­tive think­ing gen­er­ates hope and hope is the key of a suc­cess­ful, happy and peace­ful life.


Pos­i­tive think­ing al­lows us to en­joy life and it gives us a bet­ter view to per­ceive the things.

Does money mat­ter?

Yes, money is an indispensable in­stru­ment which min­gles and adds a mes­meris­ing joy in ev­ery­one’s life. But can money have am­ple po­ten­tial to buy all hap­pi­ness? If this is true then those who have money can only live hap­pily and the rest of the peo­ple be­ing can die?

In fact, money is not the real is­sue. How you per­ceive money is more sig­nif­i­cant. Do you see money as a pow­er­ful source to live a happy life or only money can fetch hap­pi­ness for you? Think over!


Those who have money in ex­cess or have am­ple money for sur­vival are still un­happy be­cause some don’t have kids, some don’t have peace­ful life, some peo­ple have enough peo­ple in the house but they don’t care or give that sup­port to them.

Con­clud­ing words

You are the man­ager of your fam­ily and can ac­tu­ally change or make a house into a home and your be­hav­iour or per­cep­tion di­rectly or in­di­rectly makes a pow­er­ful im­pact on your fam­ily.

Seek­ing hap­pi­ness? re­volves around you.


Life is re­ally sim­ple, but we in­sist on mak­ing it com­pli­cated.

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