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It’s al­most the time of the year for colour­ful new clothes, diyas, sweets and, of course, noisy crack­ers. With new in­no­va­tions com­ing in even in the field of fire­works, we see lat­est crack­ers in the mar­ket ev­ery year. Yes, it is fun to burst these crack­ers, but have you ever thought how our four­legged com­pan­ions re­act to this?

I still re­mem­ber the Di­wali two years ago when our five-year-old pet dog Malli went miss­ing. We spent a whole night search­ing for her on ev­ery road, in ev­ery dust­bin be­cause we knew she is ter­ri­fied of crack­ers. We were wor­ried she would be hurt by them. Morn­ing gave us some respite when we found her hid­ing in the neigh­bour’s mo­tor room. Malli is just one of the many dogs who are pet­ri­fied of crack­ers.

The worst scene on the road dur­ing Di­wali is that of a ter­ri­fied dog run­ning hel­ter-skel­ter be­cause of cracker noises. Don’t you think you need to be more sen­si­tive to­wards these an­i­mals?

❁ Dogs hear stuff seven times louder than hu­man be­ings. No won­der even if a cracker bursts at a dis­tance, they hear it well and get ter­ri­fied. Imag­ine a cracker burst­ing right in front of them! It ter­ri­fies them to­tally.

❁ Not just do crack­ers ter­rify them. They also af­fect their eardrums. The loud noise can have a dev­as­tat­ing ef­fect on their eardrums.

❁ Many dogs due to their fear end up not eat­ing prop­erly and they hide in var­i­ous cor­ners of the house to pro­tect them­selves, like un­der the bed and un­der the sofa.

❁ It’s not just dogs but also birds who are af­fected by crack­ers. Rock­ets and other air­borne crack­ers hurt fly­ing birds of­ten. The noise of crack­ers also scares birds and af­fects their cy­cle. Birds usu­ally sleep by late even­ing and wake up early morn­ing. But since we burst crack­ers late even­ing and late into the night, they are un­able to sleep be­cause they are scared of the noise. This af­fects their daily life cy­cle to­tally.

❁ With the fes­ti­val be­ing just round the corner, it will def­i­nitely help if we can all de­cide to get pet­friendly this Di­wali.

❁ De­cide not to burst crack­ers this Di­wali. In­stead, light beau­ti­ful lamps and make your house look ra­di­ant.

❁ Sen­si­tise your neigh­bour­hood about the haz­ards of these crack­ers, both on an­i­mals and on hu­man health.

❁ If your dog is scared of crack­ers, try to keep him or her in­doors. Re­strict walk times when there are fewer crack­ers.

❁ Play­ing mu­sic for them and keep­ing them close to you helps them feel bet­ter.

❁ In the west­ern coun­tries ear muffs for dogs are avail­able which helps them cut off the noise.

❁ Speak to your vet and ask for some medicine which can help calm the an­i­mal and help them sleep for a while with­out fear.

A small step from one per­son can make a dif­fer­ence to the whole com­mu­nity. Let’s make this Di­wali a pet-friendly Di­wali. After all, our four-legged com­pan­ions de­serve the best for all the un­con­di­tional love they give us.

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